Monday, January 28, 2013

Time Flies

Friday afternoon, I was wondering how the week went by so quickly and now, here it is Monday morning and I am wondering what happened to our weekend. I think the time flies by even faster when Kevin is home because we try to cram so much into a couple of weeks. 

As usual, we had a busy weekend with baseball and softball games. Christopher's team won their Friday night game but lost their Saturday morning game. There was a bit of drama during the Saturday game while Christopher was catching. The ball bounced off of his chest, hit him under the chin and a large piece of one of his permanent molars cracked off. We jumped in the golf cart, drove across the street to the dentist and Christopher was in the chair and having his tooth fixed less than 10 minutes after it happened. The dentist found a cavity in the tooth and, after that was filled, he was able to rebuild the tooth. Thanks to the  fabulous healthcare system in Thailand, not only were we able to walk in and be seen immediately (can't imagine that happening in the U.S.) but the entire cost of the treatment was only $100.00. 

Unfortunately, Christopher is (and always has been) the absolute worst at the dentist. He is  anxious and fearful well in advance of a dental appointment and then, during the appointment, he totally freaks out about everything the dentist /dental hygienist says or does. It has gotten to the point where he needs to be sedated just to get his teeth cleaned. Kevin usually does "dentist duty" because I cannot deal with that kind of situation AT ALL. Saturday morning, Kevin was coaching and I was so worried about the tooth that I really didn't think about what would go down at the dentist office. My mistake. A bad situation was made even worse because not only did the dentist not use Novocaine but he told Christopher it wouldn't hurt at all. He obviously didn't know what kind of patient Christopher is. Every time Christopher yelled or fussed, I sent Kevin a text just so he could share the love. (I am thoughtful like that). The dentist did wear these cute purple floral slippers...
Thankfully, the entire procedure only took about 30 minutes (although it felt like 30 hours to Christopher and I) and he was able to get back on the ball field and finish out the game.   

Caitlynne's team tied their game on Saturday afternoon. Our fielding was much better than last week and we were hitting well too. We have one more game to play before the playoffs so I hope we can continue the trend of improving and make it past the first round. 

Tomorrow evening, we are hosting about 50 people here for dinner. The group is a combination of people visiting from the U.S., Europe and South America and from Kevin's office downtown. PeePorn is making a few dishes (fruit salad, green salad and pomelo salad) and I am having the appetizers, the main course and dessert catered. I spent some time on the weekend getting organized but I have done this so many times that it all comes together without too much effort. Over the years, I have collected enough wine glasses, silverware, glassware, serving platters, etc. so there is no need for me to buy any of those items. I just pull it all out of storage, wash everything and set it up. It definitely helps to have the food catered and for PeePorn to clean and to cook as well. However, I have also done this event with no help (other than Caitlynne) and it went off just fine. In my opinion  it is easier to host 50 people than it is to host 5. 

Our winter - all five days of it - seems to be over. Not only are we back to the heat and humidity but it has rained a few times in the last two weeks which is unusual because this is our "dry" season. The rain does mean the return of the mold in the grass that Sonder is allergic to so I will be keeping an eye on him to see if/when his allergies flare up. He still takes an anti-histamine twice a day and that seems to help a lot. There is still some itching but not as bad as it was in September & October. I really don't mind the rain because it washes all of the dirt and filth away and the stench in the air disappears for a short while. However, I will be keeping my fingers crossed that the rain stays away tomorrow. We have three tables set up outside and even though the area is completely undercover, the rain can blow in from the sides & front and soak everything. 

I will be back tomorrow to finish up on Jim and Jan's last week in Thailand. We had a fun time being tourists and exploring popular attractions in Bangkok.

Runner's humor (from Twitter): "Of course Lance Armstrong cheated, he used a bike!." 

Have a great Monday!

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