Thursday, January 24, 2013

Relaxing in Koh Chang

We didn't do much in Koh Chang. There wasn't anything historical or important to see on the island (at least that we knew about) so we didn't feel guilty just sitting by the pool, swimming in the Gulf, reading and napping. After our busy trip to China and a couple of days of running around Bangkok, it was wonderful to just relax and recharge. All of the adults had massages and Caitlynne and I had facials one afternoon. 

99.9% of these photos (and the photos from China and Bangkok) were taken by Jan - you can easily tell the quality of her photographs (very nice camera) vs. mine (blackberry/digital camera). I have been thinking about buying a new camera for a while but I am going to wait until we move back to the U.S. I still have a lot of research to do and I want to be able to see/test the camera in person. Until then, my blackberry and digital camera will have to suffice.

The grounds of the hotel were very lush and tropical. 

Beautiful water lilies grew in the water gardens in front of the reception area.
Our accommodation was not at all fancy but it was clean and cozy. The hotel referred to the accommodations as "villas" but, in my opinion, that was definitely a stretch of one's imagination and "bungalows" would have been a more accurate description. Jim said he felt like he was sleeping in a cabin at summer camp.
Fancy "turn down" service in the evening.  
Jim and Jan stayed in a seaview room and this was the view from their front "yard". 
Kevin, the kids and I stayed in a larger garden view bungalow.  
 The pool at the resort was beautiful but very cold. 

There was a smaller pool tucked away on the property. 
The beach was great - very clean - and the water was warm. I think this was the nicest beach that we have been to (so far) in Thailand.
I am guessing that Christopher somehow dunked Kevin.
There were lots of fish, hermit crabs and sand dollars in the water.
With the exception of the photo below, there were beautiful views in every direction. Really, dude?!?
Jim reading one of his Christmas gifts.
  These two are always up to something. Usually no good.
KPMG's Mergers & Acquisitions guru teaching Christopher the art of the deal.

Both days, we stayed at the pool until late afternoon and then showered and changed before going out for dinner. More on that in my next post.

Have a great Thursday!

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