Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back In Bangkok!

Happy New Year! I hope everyone has a wonderful and prosperous 2013.

We returned from China late Tuesday night and hit the ground running. Jim and Jan (my brother and sister-in-law) had a later flight in from Beijing so Caitlynne and I went back to the airport to pick them up in the early hours of Wednesday. While we were picking them up, Christopher prepared a delicious "midnight snack" of turkey sandwiches, a (very artfully arranged) fruit plate and lemonade for us to have before we all crashed. 

We spent yesterday catching up on our laundry and sleep and we are now all set to begin our adventures. Today we are meeting Kevin for lunch at his office, touring the Embassy, having Jim measured for suits and dress shirts at Kevin's tailor and doing some souvenir shopping at MBK (more info about MBK here). We will finish our day downtown with drinks at sunset at the Moonbar (more info about Moonbar here). PeePorn is going to make pad thai, pomelo salad, spring rolls, a salad and a fruit plate so we will have a late dinner back in Nichada.

I have lots of photos and commentary on our trip to Beijing but I probably won't have a chance to put together a post recapping the trip until after Jim and Jan return to the U.S. at the end of next week. I will leave you with a couple of photos though.

Kevin, Caitlynne, Christopher and I at the Ming Emperor Tombs.
 Caitlynne in Tienanmen Square.
From left to right - Caitlynne, Kevin, Christopher, Jim, Jan, myself and Shiv on the Great Wall.
 Caitlynne on the Great Wall.
 Family Photo on the Great Wall.
It was a fabulous trip and I am so glad that we went. We saw everything we wanted to see and then some. Obviously, it was incredibly (brutally) cold while we were there which really was the only negative about the entire trip. I don't think I was ever so happy as when we de-planed in Bangkok and began to thaw out.

Have a great Wednesday evening and Thursday.

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