Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Weirdest Thing...

Long time, no post. We are all still alive, although some of us are feeling better than others! 

Some very odd illness invaded our home Monday evening and all of the BOYS were left violently ill. Christopher was the first to fall on Monday evening with vomiting, muscle aches and other "un-blog-able" digestive issues. Kevin woke up at about 2 am Tuesday morning with the same symptoms. In our almost 20 years together, I have never seen him that sick. Very unfortunately for Kevin (and his seatmate), he also had to board a 7 am flight to the U.S. Later in the morning, Jim also began to to feel ill and it only went downhill from there. 

Since the GIRLS were completely unaffected and felt better than great, the only thing we can attribute the sickness to is the gelato that all of the boys had for dessert Sunday evening. Instead of gelato, the girls chose to have rotis (a crepe stuffed with a choice of bananas or mango and then topped with chocolate sauce) and it looks like that choice might have saved us. 

Christopher and Jim both went to bed yesterday afternoon and were not seen again until breakfast this morning. They are both feeling better but still feel tired and weak. Kevin made it to D.C. without incident and is also beginning to feel somewhat better.

I really am working on a post for our China trip. To give you an idea of what I am facing...between Jan, Caitlynne and myself, we have taken 1,552 photos since we all met up in Beijing on December 27th. We are totally camera crazy! Jim, Jan and I went downtown today to play tourist and Jan took 260 photos at our first stop! Her camera is so much better than both my camera and my phone so, for the most part, I am going to "steal" her photos to use in my posts. 

My plan is to photo-edit and write tonight so I will have something to post about our first day in Beijing tomorrow. 

Fingers crossed.

Have a great Wednesday!

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