Friday, October 12, 2012

The Storm That Wasn't

An update to my post from last Friday about Tropical Storm Gaemi (the storm that was supposed to impact Bangkok over the weekend with a lot of rain and high winds)...

As you could probably guess from the title of this post, nothing happened. Nada. Zilch. In fact, the weather over the weekend was actually quite nice for this time of year. The rain showers that we did have held off until nighttime and were relatively light and short-lived. Even though it was hot and humid during the day, the skies were clear and there was a nice breeze so it was (somewhat) bearable. We had quite a bit of rain Monday morning (Kevin's golf outing was cancelled) but that is to be expected considering that we are in the middle of monsoon season. The amount and intensity of the rain on Monday didn't seem to be any more than what we usually have and certainly not what I would expect of a tropical storm. When I posted last week, there was another tropical storm following Gaemi and that was predicted to affect us today and through this weekend. However, I have searched all of my on-line news sources and can't find any mention of it so it must have dissipated or changed course. 

The kids each had school basketball games this week and, unfortunately, both of their teams lost. Christopher's team played an away game at a school downtown that is probably our biggest competition in Bangkok. It was a close game from the opening tip off through the final siren. They lost by only two points and were very disappointed. Hopefully, we will get a chance to play that team again in the play-offs in a few weeks and the outcome will be much better for us. Caitlynne's team was pretty much blown out of the water skill-wise and they were very lucky that they only lost by 9 points. During the second quarter, I don't think our team was able to get the ball over the half-court line once - the other team pressed really well and stole the ball before we could even get it down and in a position to shoot & score. 

Other than basketball games and practices, it has been somewhat of a slow week but we have a busy weekend planned with league basketball play-off games tonight (for Caitlynne) and tomorrow (for Christopher). Championship games will be held on Sunday so please keep your fingers crossed that we make it that far! Kevin is golfing tomorrow to make up for the rained out game on Monday. It is hard to believe that in a week from this Sunday, he will be leaving again to go back to the U.S. for three weeks. It seems like he just returned and, now that we have all settled back so nicely into our routine, he will be leaving again. He has a large contingent of official visitors next week and we will be hosting 16 of them here for dinner next Wednesday. PeePorn and I have been working on the menu and I can only hope she really understands what I would like for her to make. It is very rare for her to make something that we don't care for so, either way, I shouldn't be too worried. 

The week is ending on a not so great note for me. I have had a bad cough on and off over the last several weeks - I am fine for a few days and then cough for a few. Other than the coughing, I felt fine - no fever, head congestion or nausea - so I made sure I was getting enough rest and eating properly. However, Thursday afternoon - completely out of the blue - I began to cough and couldn't stop. It was from deep in my chest and I was very congested. I had pleurisy when I was in my early 20's (so, just a few years ago - Ha!) and it must have totally destroyed the lining around my lungs and chest because, every year, I get these horrible chest colds that just won't go away. I slept fine Thursday night but woke up yesterday still coughing - and with a very painful lump under my arm. The lump worried me enough to go to the doctor and I was diagnosed with a sinus infection, an upper-respiratory infection and an infected lymph node. This morning I woke up with an ear ache and have now been diagnosed with an ear infection as well. When it rains, it pours. The doctor prescribed me what seems like every medicine under the sun so I hope to feel better in a few days. 

My wonderful PeePorn made me the Thai version of chicken soup because I wasn't feeling well.
I don't know what this dish is called but it is delicious. One characteristic of Thai food is that it satisfies all four of the palate's principal taste elements - bitter, salty, sweet and sour. This dish certainly met that criteria - chilies (bitter), fish sauce (salty), pineapple (sweet) and lime juice (sour). It also has big chunks of chicken, cherry tomatoes, grapes and coconut milk in it - as well as other things that I can't remember. I added a few scoops of rice and made it my dinner. Fortunately the kids didn't care for it at all (so PeePorn made them beef & broccoli) and there was plenty leftover for my lunch and dinner today.

Have a great Friday!


Anonymous said...

I was wondering if your vet provides a kennel service? Is so, could you provide contact info. Thanks in advance.

Kristen said...

Funny you should ask this question... usually we leave Sonder with our maid. However, because he is on so many meds for his allergies and needs to be bathed every other day, we are boarding him at the vet for the first time today through Thursday. We use Thonglor Pet Hospital on Changwatthana. The number is 02 962 7028. Although they do speak English well, I find it is easier to go in a speak with them directly rather than over the phone. They are located West of Central Plaza on Changwatthana - you can park in the Shell Gas Station and walk a few steps West to get to their office. I go out the Seechaitong gate and wind my way up to Changwatthana from there. I do know that the Four Legs Groomer near the Nichada Expressway Gate also boards animals. I would have used them if not for all of the meds, etc.