Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Decor - Thai Style!

Although Halloween is not celebrated in Thailand, because of the large American population in Nichada, it is not unusual to see some homes decorated for Halloween and Fall. 

The wreath near our front door.
Not a decoration but...this "little" (about 3 inches long) snail was hanging out on our front entrance wall this morning. Ick!
This year, the management of Nichada put up some very interesting decorations around the community. I don't remember these being out last year but I might have been distracted with worries about flooding and missed seeing them. These decorations are HUGE (some are as large as 8 or 9 feet tall) and are hung quite prominently along streets throughout Nichada. 

Let's start with the more traditional ones.
 These are still traditional but getting a little scary...
And, now, the bizarre and creepy ones! I was a little surprised to see that the decoration in the photo immediately below is hung right outside the entrance to a neighborhood that is home to quite a few little children. I can't imagine having to see that every time I drove in or out with my toddlers! 
Christopher and I decided that this one is the creepiest of all...It gives me the shivers to walk or run by it in the dark!
The decorations in the photos below are a unique (and R-Rated) take on Halloween, to say the least.
Have a great Sunday!

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