Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Miscellaneous Stuff

My new pillows arrived just in time for the dinner that we are hosting this evening. I am so happy with how they turned out. 
PeePorn began to cook yesterday and arrived very early this morning to continue. She has a friend that will come over and help her later if she feels like she is falling behind. She tells me that her friend is the better cook but I can't see how that can be as PeePorn is pretty darn good herself. We are so lucky that she is able (and likes) to cook for these dinners because I know I could not do it by myself. Some of my friends have Thai maids that cannot even cook Thai food, let alone Western dishes so we are very fortunate. 

In addition to a green salad, two appetizers, a fruit plate and rice, she is making four "main" dishes. One dish I know for certain is a curry (because she made it yesterday) but I am not quite sure about the others. We went back a forth a few times with our menu planning so it will be a surprise what actually ends up on the table. I am serving the dinner buffet style as there are just too many people to try and squeeze us all around our dining room table. We have several areas in the family and living rooms that have chairs and small tables (like in the two photos above) so people will be comfortable eating "off their laps". For dessert, I am serving Tim Tams (an Australian chocolate-covered biscuit) and some chocolates. I want to keep dessert simple because the group needs to be back downtown at 8:30 pm so if we start dinner late and they need to rush out at the end, I don't want to be stuck with a lot of sweets. I left my camera on the counter to remind me to take photos of everything before the guests arrive so, hopefully, I will remember and will have some photos to post here tomorrow.

Our basketball games did not go well this weekend. Caitlynne's team lost by a lot Friday night and Christopher's team had an amazingly close game on Saturday but ended up losing by just a few points. He was very upset with the loss because they won the season and were the number one seed going into the tournament so he thought there was a pretty good chance they would make it to the finals. Unfortunately, his team just didn't play well consistently throughout the game and the other team did. The basketball season continues for their school teams though so maybe his team will fare better in that tournament in early November. Baseball and softball begin in early as well and, before you know it, we will be back to being crazy busy with practices and games again. Just a brief rest for the weary! 

We are still struggling with finding a long-term solution for Sonder's allergies and I am off, once again, to the vet this afternoon. The vet put him on seven days of steroids and those really helped to ease his itching and skin irritations. However, the steroids are only a very short term solution and now that he has been off of them for about two weeks, the itching has returned with a vengeance. Poor thing!
Have a great Wednesday!

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