Saturday, October 6, 2012

A Big Win!

Christopher's basketball team had a major win yesterday in the community league. His team was playing the other 5-1 team (and the team that gave us our only loss) and this game would determine not only which team won the season but also got the bye for the first round of the playoff games next weekend. This was probably the most intense game he has ever played in and I was so proud of his team for ignoring the antics and the chatter along the sidelines and stepping up their game. 

We went into the third quarter with a 20 point lead (after being behind by as much as 11) but our three best players were in serious foul trouble. In the fourth quarter, we were ahead by 12 when our very best player fouled out - a huge loss. Christopher and our other best player then each picked up their fourth fouls...and hearts began to pound! With 5 minutes left to play, another one of our players fouled out - ironically, at about 4' tall and (maybe) 70 pounds soaking wet, he is the tiniest player on our team and maybe even in the league! He was playing his heart out though. The only player left on the bench to play was a boy who had never even played basketball until this season and really didn't have any other athletic skills. Well, he must have picked something up over the last few weeks because he came in and made some very key defensive plays in the last few minutes to thwart a last minute surge by the other team. We ended up winning by only 3 points. It was such a great game and, although it was unfortunate that we were in foul trouble pretty much the entire game, it did allow other boys to contribute in a pressure-filled and "must win" situation. At the end of the game, our team had 26 fouls and the other team had 21 - unbelievable! Between two seasons of league games and school games, I don't think I have ever seen a player have more than 3 fouls, much less foul out.  This was just that kind of a game. 

Caitlynne's school basketball team after their win last week.  
 Silly girls!
We planned to spend this morning watching the Catholics vs. the Convicts football game but Notre Dame is rolling right over University of Miami (34-3 in the 3rd quarter) and it is not much of a game at all - so much for a showdown. Virginia Tech is having such a horrible season that it is nice to have our "other" team doing so well. Amazing how a little defense can turn a team around. It has been a long time coming for the Irish!

No rain yet from Tropical Storm Gaemi.  From what we hear & read (which may or may not be accurate), it will begin to affect Bangkok sometime late tonight or early tomorrow. 

Have a great Sunday!

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