Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Not For Kevin's Eyes

As much as I know my dear husband loves me and loves reading the blog when he is on travel, he is probably going to want to skip over reading this post. Two words... shopping and cats. 

In mid-October, my favorite antique dealer in all of Bangkok posted on her Facebook page the following: "Leaving on the jet plane - will be back with new goodies on 24th October. Till then save your money for our new shipment!!!! :) — at Suvarnabhumi International Airport."  Then, last week, she posted this..."Sneak Peak from my treasure hunting — at Yesterday Once Again & Once Upon A Time." accompanied by a photograph of a few Asian accessories.  Uh oh...

This dealer's latest buying trip was the topic of a lengthy discussion between my friends and I while we were in Krabi last week as we tried to arrange a time to go have a look at the new treasures. I have purchased a few pieces from this shop and love each one. The pieces that I purchased are all antiques (as opposed to reproductions), mostly from China (one from Tibet) and are between 90 & 110 years old. 

I am hoping, because of their age and origin, the chances that my pieces will crack once we return to the U.S. are reduced. A few friends moved furniture purchased/made in Thailand to the U.S. and the drastic change in the climate caused some of their furniture to split. If furniture is exposed to relative humidity in excess of 70% (our environment here in Bangkok) and if the humidity level suddenly drops (say, with a move to Washington, DC), the piece will contract and the furniture will split. Not good. 

The one thing in our favor is that we will be moving back in the summer which tends to be very humid in Washington so the furniture might be able to slowly adjust to lower levels of humidity as we transition into Winter. My friend and I are going to the shop on Wednesday and I will report back with my findings (and any purchases). I am looking for two more pieces to buy before we leave- a sideboard/buffet piece and a cabinet - both with Asian carvings/detail. That will be it then, as far as furniture buying is concerned. I have a feeling we will be very close to the weight limit for our household goods shipment to Washington. 

Now for the cat! Rest your hearts, we certainly do not own one (nor will we ever again). But, that doesn't mean that I can't love on this baby when she comes around...
She is so cuddly and sweet! She was a young kitten when I first met her in early August and I see her about once a week, wandering around in our yard or the neighborhood. I don't know who she belongs to and, in fact, this is the first time I have seen her with a collar. Honestly, I don't even know if she really is a she. Never thought to look. Most of the neighborhoods in Nichada have a cat that hangs around the guard shack so maybe she "belongs" to one of the guards. She is very friendly, clean and well fed so someone is taking good care of her.

I always give her a small bowl of milk when I see her. There is a big rat problem in our neighborhood and I don't think it hurts to have a cat hang around every now and then.
I am anxiously following all of the news about Hurricane Sandy and sending thoughts and prayers to all those who will feel its impact. It looks like it will be one heck of a storm. 

Have a great Tuesday!

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