Thursday, September 13, 2012

What Next?!?

I had to take Sonder to the vet on Tuesday because he had a horrible rash on his stomach and was itching up a storm. It turns out he is allergic to a mold that grows in the grass here during the wet season. He will now need to take an anti-histamine if he is outside for any length of time or lays in the grass. It seems the mold transfers from the grass to his body and then irritates his skin. The vet found his inner ears were inflamed so we were sent home with antibiotics and an ear wash for those as well. I also have to give him a bath twice a week with an anti-fungal shampoo because, apparently, there is a fungus that he is susceptible to and needs to be protected against. Poor thing! He is on the 3rd day of the meds and it seems that his itching has decreased a little bit. 

Here is my boy having a bit of a cuddle.

 Caitlynne's U15 basketball team had their first game on Monday and they won, 24-12. 
Caitlynne is giving the thumb's up behind the score clock. It was an away game so I don't have any details on how they played. However, their coach was very pleased because the final team was selected only last Thursday and they hadn't even practiced together as a team before the game. 

Even with his injured thumb, Christopher was selected to the ISB U13 basketball team. They have their first game Monday and it is a home game at ISB so I will be able to go. We return to the doctor on Monday morning for a follow-up appointment so, hopefully, Christopher will be cleared to play in the game. 

I have been glued to the computer all morning reading about the attack on the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya. It is a harsh reminder of how vulnerable U.S. Government personnel are when posted to other countries, especially those personnel who serve in hostile environments or under adverse conditions. The Embassy flags are at half-staff today in memory of the four Americans who lost their lives.  

Have a great Thursday.   

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