Monday, September 17, 2012

Five Out Of Six

With the exception of VA Tech's horrible loss to Pitt, all of our other teams had great wins this weekend (well, except for the Redskins but a loss for them is a win for me). Notre Dame, the New York Giants, Caitlynne's basketball team, and Christopher's basketball team were all victorious. I love this time of year - so many sports and teams to keep an eye on. It is such a hassle to keep updating the scores on-line every few minutes and I wish that we were able to watch more of the games and coverage on television. I miss Howie Long and Fox NFL! The sports section of seems to be the best for getting up-to-the-minute scores and current sports headlines. In addition, yahoo also has a wide variety of sports articles and columnists so we tend to get most of our sports information from that website.    

I took Christopher's splint off Friday night and, although his thumb was still a bit swollen and bruised, he could move it pretty well and did not have any pain. The swelling went down even more by yesterday morning and it felt good enough for him to play in his basketball game yesterday afternoon. He said there was one time in the game when he couldn't get a good grip on the ball but that was the only issue. He played really well and I believe his team won by 15 points. A lot of middle school students were on a field trip this weekend so there were only five players on his team - it is so hard on these kids when there are no subs and no chance for a rest or cool down (other than halftime). In addition, the game was played in the outdoor gym and the boys were hot and sweaty (not to mention stinky) just a few minutes into the game. 

We returned to the doctor this morning for a follow up appointment and he was given the all clear to play sports again (we obviously didn't tell the doctor about him playing yesterday) but to take it easy for another 7-10 days. Christopher has his first school basketball game this afternoon and his coach was going to start him if his thumb was better so he was relieved to get the "official" go ahead from the doctor.  

Caitlynne's team had a rough game yesterday but managed to eek out a win. I was on my own with coaching the girls and felt very uncomfortable because I really know nothing about the rules of the game. I wasn't even sure how to call a time out and how many time outs I had available to call.  However, it was only a community league game so not too competitive. Caitlynne's team was also affected by the school field trip and we only had 6 players to start with. Fortunately, another player showed up about halfway through the game because the girls had started to drop like flies. At one point, we had one girl on the bench with ice on her ankle, one girl laying on the floor with ice on her head, and another girl in foul trouble. Ack! They held it together though and we made it through the game. Caitlynne's school basketball team has another away game this afternoon and the school they are playing has a very experience U15 team so, hopefully, her team won't be plagued by the troubles we had yesterday.  

Sonder's multiple ailments are clearing up, slowly but surely. He is loving his twice-weekly baths. As soon as I dry him off, he goes right to his bed and I cover him with a towel so he stays warm during his nap.  
Nodding off.
Have a great Monday!

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