Wednesday, September 26, 2012

I'm Back! switched to a new format recently and I had the hardest time accessing my account and getting my posts to post! I think I figured it out though so, here goes an attempt at my update...

We are in the middle of week 3 without Kevin and miss him very much! Thank goodness we only have to go through these extended separations for another 10 months because it is really hard for all of us.  

The kids are very busy with school work and league basketball practices and games. It seems they have something going on every day after school and most nights. Last weekend was a four day weekend because of a teacher work day on Thursday and a school holiday on Friday. Most of the kids' friends stayed in Nichada so they were able to meet up with them and socialize. Caitlynne would wake up, eat, shower and then go off with her friends for the day. Most of the time they don't even go out of Nichada  so I don't worry too much about her being out and about. 

Caitlynne's school basketball team is 3-0.  They had a nail biter of a game Monday afternoon and won by one point on a buzzer beater shot. They were very lucky to get the "W" as they really did not play well - bad passes, lots of turnovers and 8/10 missed free throws. 5 of those missed free throws were by Caitlynne so we are going to start calling her Shaq! It was a hard game to watch and I think the only time they were ahead was when the game ended and they won. 

Christopher's school basketball team is 1-0 and they have a game this afternoon at home so I can watch. He did not start last week but played for most of the game so he was happy. His thumb has healed nicely and he practiced with his baseball team this weekend without any problems. We are going to Singapore over Thanksgiving weekend to play in a "Turkey Tournament" - kind of funny because (obviously) Thanksgiving is not celebrated in Asia.  I guess all of the teams participating are comprised of ex-pat players from the different international schools in South East Asia so it is an appropriate name.

We are well into the monsoon season and it has been raining A LOT every day, more than I think it did last year. I have a rain gauge and we are consistently getting 1/2" to 1 1/2" of rain every day. Some days it doesn't rain but Mother Nature always seems to make it up with a deluge or two the next day! There is a lot of discussion in Nichada and within the Embassy community about whether or not it will flood again. Depending on the day, who you talk to or what newspaper you read (or the phase of the moon), it might flood....

or it might not...  

There is already some significant flooding in the Northern and Eastern parts of Thailand and Bangkok will most likely be impacted in some way as that water moves South. The streets downtown  have already been flooding from the heavy rains over the last couple of weeks so it will be quite messy if we are still in monsoon season when the water from the North arrives.

I have to post the photo below. This is the beautiful family that lives next door to us here. Nichada is preparing a 2012 Calendar featuring residents & their pets and Sonder was included with their family for the photo shoot. I gave him a bath that morning and he managed to behave well enough so this great photo could be taken.
Sonder LOVES these children! While we were gone over the summer, they had him over quite often so he could get his "kid" fix. If we are in the front room of our home and they are out playing in their yard, he whimpers at me until I let him out. Then, he runs down to the gate at the end of our driveway and sits there patiently waiting until they come over and pet him. It is so sweet! 

Have a great Wednesday!

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