Tuesday, September 4, 2012


I was finally able to go to the Babies' Home this morning and take Say Jon to the playroom.  Since I was sick last week and he was sick the week before, this is the first time that I have seen him since mid-June. I don't know if he was happy to see me or not but he smiled a lot and was in a very good mood the entire time we were together. When I applied to volunteer at the Home, I had to sign a statement certifying that I would not initiate adoption proceedings for any child at the Home. At that time, I wasn't sure of intent of that requirement - I would think more adoptions would be better for the Home (and the children). However, on a day like today, I can see why they had me sign that statement as I would have taken Say Jon home with me in a heartbeat!  He was so sweet and fun to be with. Kevin is giving me grief about getting a second dog so I can only imagine his reaction if I turned up at home with a 10 month old boy! I do keep my dear husband on his toes!

The first "change" I noticed with Say Jon was that he could sit up by himself.  When I left for the summer, he could sit by himself for MAYBE 10 seconds before toppling over. Now, he sits like a champ!

(We had to change clothes mid-way through my visit because of a leaking bottle.) 

As you can tell from the photos above and those below, he LOVES chewing on the cap to his bottle. He is still not crawling properly but is scooting all over and likes to pull himself up on my legs and knees and to climb all over me.  

I also noticed that he was very interested in the different toys that I put before him.  

Today, there were about 15 volunteers at the Home and, as a result, a lot of activity and noise in the playroom. Say Jon wasn't inclined to scoot over and "play" with any of the other children but he had to know what was going on around us all of the time. The sound of a loud noise or a child laughing (or crying) had him pivoting around to catch the action. 

All of this activity wore him out and he crashed right after I gave him a bottle.

Kevin needs the car a couple of days this week but I hope I can get back to see him again before the weekend.  

The photos below are of a very common sight in Bangkok and illustrate just how underdeveloped Thailand is. Could you imagine ever seeing something like this in the U.S.?  When you walk along the sidewalk in the photo below, you must duck your head in order to avoid the power lines.  Yikes!  It is just like this (and sometimes even worse) on some streets downtown.
Can you imagine if one wire in the photo below is malfunctioning?  How on earth would you determine which wire it was and how could it be repaired without killing someone?!?
 Always an adventure!

Have a great Tuesday and I hope our friends in the Northern Virginia area have a wonderful back to school! 

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