Friday, September 7, 2012

Not A Good Start To My Friday

Second post for today! It poured ALL day yesterday (over 3 inches of rain in 24 hours) and since I was stuck inside, I caught up on all of my paperwork, "real" (income-producing) work and a lot of little odds and ends. I also watched some of the Giants-Cowboys game - not a good outcome for my team but it is early in the season and I am sure they will get back on track and play hard. After all, they are the reigning Superbowl champs! Today, other than running a few errands around Nichada, there was nothing for me to do!  Well, not really...but nothing I felt motivated to do!

I was just about finished with my run this morning when I (unknowingly) stepped in a pile of dog poop. So Gross! Fortunately, I had taken my running shoes off at the front door and only noticed the poop when I went to bring them inside later in the morning. Nothing annoys me more than pet owners who a) do not clean up after their pets and b) do not control their pets (i.e., put them on a leash in public areas or when walking).

I have been running every other day which isn't so great for the mileage on my transcontinental run but the good news is that the issues I was having with my knee seem to have been resolved. My plan for the next month is to run 5-6 miles every other day. I am also going to try and run once a week either on the treadmill at the gym or at the ISB track. Hopefully, these changes will keep my injury free. I just need to get through 10 more months of running on this horribly sloped concrete surface and then we will be back in the U.S. and I will have better options.  

I stole this from a friend's Facebook page this morning...
This certainly rings true in my world! Christopher is taking algebra this year and he sits with Kevin every night to review what was taught in class that day and to go over his homework. Since Kevin is traveling so much this year, I was very concerned about how Christopher was going to get help with algebra. When Kevin was away last week, I tried to help Christopher but we eventually had to resort to using Google to figure out how to do the problem. (By the way, why on earth does a 7th grader need to know ANYTHING about logarithms?!?). Clearly, we needed to figure something out - and soon - because Kevin leaves on Sunday and will be gone until early October. So, this week, we devised an elaborate plan for Christopher to scan and email a copy of his homework problems to Kevin as soon as he gets home from school (it will be early morning in the U.S.). They will then Skype and review any problems that Christopher had trouble with or needs additional help on. I have my fingers crossed that this will be a good solution. Thank goodness for technology! 

Caitlynne has a community league basketball game this evening and Christopher has his tomorrow. Caitlynne is going to play on the ISB Girls' Under 15 team and their first game is Monday after school. We are still waiting to see if Christopher made the final cut for the ISB Boys' Under 13 team. Over 30 boys initially tried out so the coach had a large pool of players to chose from. Christopher is also playing on a baseball travel team that will be going to Singapore for a "Turkey Tournament" (obviously over the Thanksgiving holiday). I love that they are each playing (and enjoying) a sport but the practices and games sure do make for a busy schedule. One or the other of the kids has had practice every night this week and a couple of the nights, Kevin went along to help coach.  I don't think we had dinner together as a family once this week.  We eat in shifts - I eat with the kid who doesn't have practice and, after practice, Kevin eats with the other one.  Not the best arrangement but it works for the short term.

Have a great Friday! (Again).

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