Friday, September 28, 2012

Lots of Rain

As a little bit of a follow up to my post earlier this week, yesterday's edition of The Bangkok Post featured this photo that was taken downtown late Wednesday afternoon.
After the storm that caused this flooding cleared out, we had a little break from rain - but not for too long. Strong thunderstorms moved through early Thursday morning and again early this morning, adding 3" to the amount of rainfall that we have received so far this monsoon season. As I am writing this post, the sky is very dark and I can hear a lot of thunder in the distance so I guess we are in for some more rain. 

Christopher's basketball team had a big win on Wednesday with a final score of 63 -17. Although I do love to win, it is so disappointing if the teams are not well matched and the game is not at all competitive. Christopher started and played very well. By the end of the first quarter,  the score was already 20-something to 0 and the difference in skill level was quite obvious, so his coach pulled all of the starters until the fourth quarter. The other team didn't even score until the second half so you can only imagine how painful this game was to watch.

A few random photos...

Our dear PeePorn made this for our dinner the other night after I told her I had a craving for sweet and sour chicken. It was so delicious and so much better than carry out from a restaurant - lots of fresh veggies and pineapple in a very light sauce.
I was able to get to the Babies' Home this week and noticed that my little guy had two front teeth poking through his top gum! Of course, he wouldn't open his mouth or smile so I could get a photo of them. I thought he might be fussy but he was very happy and played for the entire two hours. Usually he sleeps at least 45 minutes before I give him his lunch.

I noticed the flower in the photo below when I was out walking Sonder yesterday. It is an orchid but is actually growing on a vine (which I tried to show in the second photo).
The mom of a friend of Caitlynne's had VIP tickets to the 2012 Thai Tennis Open and Caitlynne & two friends went to watch yesterday afternoon's matches. 

The glamour girls...

Kevin is returning home a week earlier than I expected and will be arriving late next Wednesday night. Yay! I don't know how I confused the dates but was happy to hear he will be home sooner than I thought. Recently, there have been a lot of restrictions on the content of packages sent through the APO or the diplomatic pouch so his suitcase is packed with a lot of little odds and ends (mostly toiletries & cosmetic items as well as RELISH!)  that we can't find here or have shipped.

Have a great Friday!

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