Thursday, March 8, 2012

Post 101!

Somehow I missed the fact that yesterday's post was my 100th!  Wow, that gave me a little surprise as does the realization that we have lived in Thailand for almost eight months now.  

I guess time really does fly when you are (for the most part) having fun.  The kids have settled into school well, they are both active in sports and have very busy social lives (sometimes more so than mom and dad).  Caitlynne,  who did not want to move here AT ALL, now asks if we can stay until she graduates from ISB in 5 years.  Not gonna happen sweetie!  They each have a nice group of friends and living in the bubble that is Nichada has allowed them much more independence and freedom than they would have in most other places.  Kevin likes his job and the people that he works with.  He has traveled to some very interesting places in the Middle East and Asia, as well as back to the US several times.  There are quite a few golfers here and Kevin is happy to be able to play as often as he does.  He continues to adjust his swing, his grip, his stance (what else?!?) in a never-ending quest to improve his game.  While I miss our family & friends and the conveniences of living in a truly modern country, I am very happy here.  I love our home & the neighborhood we are in.  I am so happy we chose to live in Nichada as it really is the best of both worlds.  We have our Western comforts in Nichada but easy access to the best Thailand and Asia have to offer.  It sure is an easy life for our family and I think we are all glad to have the opportunity to live in such a vibrant city and unique country.  

It has been getting hotter and thunderstorms are predicted for the next few days.  From November through February, the weather in our part of Thailand is mostly dry and warm.  During those months, the North East monsoon brings the cooler and less humid (relatively speaking) air down to Thailand from the North.  The hot and dry season is March through June with April being the worst month as far as heat is concerned.  In June, the rainy season begins with the South West monsoon bringing moist and warm air up from the Indian Ocean.  During the rainy season, it rains daily and the strongest storms and heaviest downpours are most likely to occur in the afternoons.  This is exactly the type of weather we experienced when we arrived here last July and very similar to Miami's summer weather (minus the threat of hurricanes!). After our three years in the Australian desert, I love to hear and see the rain so I am quite happy when the storm clouds roll in.  

Our dinner out last night was fun.  The restaurant just moved to a different location so everything inside was brand new and very clean.  It was easy to get to from Kevin's office and we found a parking spot right outside the front door.  The food was good and I think we would all go back again if there weren't so many other restaurants in Bangkok to try.  I did not plan our route home too well as the street I took did not have an entrance to the Expressway (only an exit and, in my own defense, it wasn't clear on the map) so we had to do some back tracking to get on to the Expressway.  We made it home though so all's well that ends well - especially after driving in Bangkok traffic (which is a post for another day).      

Have a great Thursday!       

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