Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

I was very excited this morning as I found the very first re-bloom on one of my orchids...
 A promise of more to come... 
 And another orchid even has some buds too!
Now, before y'all go thinking I have a brilliant green thumb, I must confess this is all the result of PeePorn intervening in my (very novice) orchid growing attempt.  There are orchids available every where you go in Bangkok and I don't think I have ever met an orchid that I didn't like.  Not only are they very cheap ($3 - $5) but the colors are beautiful and there are so many different varieties.  I bought quite a few orchids last Fall and placed them right outside our front door for the Eastern sun exposure (as is recommended).  I misted and watered (& talked to them!) only to see the blooms shrivel up and die within a few weeks. I was very disappointed because some of my friends and neighbors have orchids that have kept their blooms for months. I certainly wasn't killing them because all of the orchids had a lot of new green growth and several of the plants did put out stems with buds; however, the buds eventually turned brown and dried up so I wasn't doing something quite right. But what?!?

About 6 weeks ago, PeePorn told me that it was too hot outside for the orchids and we should bring them inside.  I was worried about the air conditioning negatively affecting them but she said it wouldn't be a problem.  She also told me she thought I was watering them too much and, since the gardener probably watered them too (I didn't think about that!), they were getting way more moisture than needed.  I have since learned that too much water = unhappy orchids.  So, here they all are inside the house...
We have quite a few windows with great exposure to the sun so it was easy to find "homes" for all of them.  They do make everything look very pretty and warm.  Since we moved them inside, PeePorn has taken charge of their care  - obviously with wonderful results.  I don't know what she is doing but they are thriving.  All of their blooms are staying on and the blooming orchids continue to push out new buds as well.  The orchid that had the re-bloom was actually given to us by some friends who left Bangkok right as we arrived and it is nice to see it back in bloom.  I think I have eight orchids from the original bunch so if I can get most of them to re-bloom, I will be quite happy.

Have a great Wednesday!  

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