Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just A Quick Post

This is just a very quick post as Caitlynne and I are heading to the airport in a few minutes.  Christopher's team won one game yesterday (18-8) but lost the other game (8-0).  According to Kevin, everyone hit, pitched and field very well in the first game and then fell asleep for the second game!  I am happy they at least have one win under their belts and, most importantly, are having a good time.  Tonight, Kevin and Christopher are meeting up with friends of ours from Alice Springs who now live in Perth.   

Caitlynne and I are off to Singapore!  We are very excited to see "Wicked" and do some shopping (or at least a lot of looking!).  We are staying right on Orchard Road which is the central shopping district in Singapore.  I do wish we were going somewhere with cooler weather as  I certainly could use a break from the heat and humidity. 

Have a great weekend!  


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