Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Makha Bucha Day

The kids do not have school today because it is Makha Bucha Day. Makha Bucha is a Buddhist festival celebrated on the day of the full moon in the third lunar month. In Thai, Makha is "third lunar month" and Bucha is "to honor". Makha Bucka Day is a public holiday and is celebrated in Thailand, Cambodia and Laos. It is a day to honor Buddha and his teachings so Buddhists will go to the temple today and will try not to commit sins, to do only good works and to purify one's mind.

The Embassy is not closed though (maybe because this is a religious holiday?) and since Kevin had a few important meetings, he could not take the day off. We are going to drive downtown later this afternoon and pick him up to go for dinner at a restaurant called "Bourbon Street" (
http://www.bourbonstbkk.com/. Given the name of the restaurant, I guess you can figure out their specialty is Louisiana “Cajun/Creole” dishes. They also serve other types of food so I am sure we will all find something on the menu that we will be happy with. I have spoken to quite a few people who have eaten there and they all said good things about it.  The restaurant is in a part of Bangkok that we have not yet been to so it will be fun to explore that area and see what else is out there. Always an adventure!

Baseball and softball were the main activities last weekend. Caitlynne's team remained undefeated with an 11-7 win on Saturday. She made the last out of the game with a throw to first base. She also found out Monday morning that she made the school softball team as did several of her friends. Her ISB team will play in the BISAC (Bangkok International Schools Athletic Conference) and their games will begin in a couple of weeks.

Christopher's team won their game Friday night (4-0) and lost their Saturday morning game (16-6). I left the Saturday morning game when it was tied 6-6, bottom of the 6th inning and with the top of the order of Christopher's team at bat. I thought for sure they would get a run to win the game (we only play 6 innings in this league). T'was not to be. Not only did they not score to win the game, they completely melted down in the extra inning - so badly that the other team scored TEN runs! Yikes. Thank goodness I left because my friends told me it was incredibly painful to watch. Christopher made the ISB volleyball team and will also play in BISAC. I know absolutely nothing about volleyball so it will be an interesting experience for sure. Most of the boys on his volleyball team were also on his basketball team and they are good athletes so the team should do well.

I visited with Semit this week but will be assigned to another baby on Friday. Apparently Semit already has a volunteer who looks after him so I will be given another little boy who was born at the end of October. I was a little sad because I really enjoyed being with Semit but it is what it is. I am just glad that I got to spend those few days with him. His first tooth broke through on the bottom on Monday and he looked so sweet when he smiled with that bit of white showing through. He also pee'd all over me - yuck! I forget what happens after a baby drinks 22 ounces of formula! It wouldn't have been all that bad except I planned to run a few errands after I left the home and had to make an unexpected stop at home to shower and change. 

I wish I had photos to post of the DIY projects I planned for the weekend but there weren't any projects to take photos of! I don't know where the time goes but it certainly ran out for me. Sunday evening was here altogether too soon. Maybe this weekend I will have time and can at least get something started (and preferably finished).

Have a great Wednesday!

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