Saturday, March 24, 2012

Miles and Miles

The kids were off from school yesterday for parent-teacher conferences.  School was originally to be closed Thursday and Friday for the conferences but we have time to make up for the days lost to flooding so conferences were compressed into one day. Since the conference schedule was abbreviated, the teachers requested meetings with only certain parents.  We  received only one such "invitation" and it was for Caitlynne's math class.  I was a little worried about the meeting.  She had a horrible (non-existent might be a better word) math teacher last year in Miami and we were concerned that her lack of knowledge in some areas was becoming an issue.  Not to worry.  She is doing very well and her teacher enjoys having her in class.  There are a few concepts her teacher would like her to study some more before she begins Algebra next year and he gave us a list of her exact areas of weakness.  Kevin will have to take charge of that duty as I am still hyperventilating about her learning Algebra!  I never understood (and I am sure my grades evidenced this) how letters fit into math.  Yikes.  7th grade math is already difficult for me, what will I do next year?!?  

Since school was closed, the kids had a lot of activities planned with their friends.  I must have driven 50 miles yesterday, all within Nichada.  I felt like I was in & out of the car/golf cart all day and well into the night.  Whew!  On top of shuttling the kids here and there, I also had to take Sonder to the vet for an ear infection.  Since it is much easier to park a golf cart (rather than a car) in front of the vet's office (on a busy street right outside the front gate of Nichada), Sonder got to experience his first ride in the golf cart.  Actually, he got to ride in it twice because the first time we took him up to the vet, the office was still closed.  I have learned that the general rule of thumb in Bangkok is not to make an appointment (for anything) but to just walk in.  Walks in are given the same consideration has someone who has an appointment or reservation.  It is definitely a "first come, first served" mentality.  Caitlynne and a friend of hers came with me to hold onto Sonder in the golf cart and to help me in the event any soi dogs were around when we parked at the office.  Sonder sat very nicely on Caitlynne's lap and liked the wind blowing in his face.  This was my first time going to the vet and I was  impressed.  The vet was very young but thorough and he spoke English very well.  It turns out Sonder has infections in each ear as well as on one of his paws so we will be treating him for the next three weeks.  I couldn't believe that I paid less than $40 for the vet consult/exam, three tubes of ear antibiotic ointment and a bottle of special shampoo!    

Caitlynne had a fabulous softball game last night.  She hit the ball each time she got up to bat - she made it to first base twice, was tagged out at first once (but brought a runner in) and her last hit was a BEAUTIFUL line drive that went into left field and drove in two runs.  As catcher, she made an out at home by catching a foul ball that the batter had tipped.  It was a great night for her!  Between the community team and the school team, she is practicing or playing softball 5 or 6 days a week and it is clear her efforts are paying off.  Her school team has their first (and second) game this week - both games are away (really far away!) so I won't be going.  

Christopher had a double header this morning and his team won their first game but lost the second.  This was the last weekend of games to determine the standings for the play-offs which begin April 6th.  His team finished tied for first but, based on run differential with the other team, his team came out ahead so they will get a bye for the first round.  

His travel team leaves for Australia very early Tuesday morning and they will return Sunday, April 1st.  The tournament is organized so each team (there are five total) plays 6 games in three days to set up the playoffs on the fourth day.  It will be a lot of baseball and I am glad Kevin is going!  Christopher had two of his friends (also on the travel team) over this afternoon so they could work on completing the school assignments that they will miss while in Australia next week.  
Surprisingly, they settled right down and got to work.

Have a great Saturday!

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