Sunday, March 18, 2012


Isn't she a cutie?  We had another great visit together on Friday.  She is always very curious about what is going on around her so I put her in the exer-saucer for a while and she was quite happy to watch the other children.  I think the younger children at the Home spend a lot of time in their cribs - at least until they get to the age where they can crawl or walk - so I am going to try to keep her upright as much as possible while we are together.    Her name is pronounced "Pa Peach Ee Ya".   

I feel like I never left the bleachers at the baseball/softball fields this weekend.  I am getting to the point where I am counting down the days (hours?!?) until the baseball season ends! Caitlynne had a softball game Friday night (ending in a tie) and Christopher had a baseball game Friday night (ending in a win).  He also had a game yesterday (another win) and played two games today (7 hours of baseball) with his travel team. They played against a Japanese travel team that trains through an academy here (read: eat, sleep and live baseball 24/7).  Christopher's team lost both games but they only lost each game by 5 runs.  Considering they were playing a very competitive and skilled team, I think they more than held their own and played well.  If we could have gotten our bats to wake up, the score would have been much closer.  Our defense was amazing and I think we only had two errors total so the team looks to be well prepared for Australia.  

Kevin left for Tokyo this morning and will return at the end of the week.  Then, he and Christopher leave on March 27th for the baseball tournament in Australia.  He has been trying to keep up with March Madness but the timing of the games is really off for us so we are relying on the sports section on (thanks Chris Cassidy!) for our updates.  

Yesterday evening, Caitlynne went to a birthday party for a friend who lives downtown. The theme of the party was "Red Carpet" and all of the girls got dressed up.  They do clean up nicely!
Have a great Sunday!  

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