Thursday, December 1, 2011

December 1st

Ready or not, December has arrived!

Kevin is on travel most of December so it will be just the kids and I for a few weeks. Fortunately, one of his trips is back to the US so he can pick up some last minute Christmas & Birthday gifts for the kids. Unfortunately, we realized last night that we have been in Thailand less than five months and this will be his 4th trip back to the US! It is a good thing he can transfer his business miles for personal use!  

The dogs had an appointment with the groomer this morning for a much needed bath and trim.  I am trying to keep their coats as short as possible because of the heat so they go to the "spa" every 6 weeks or so. After the groomer picked the dogs up, I went downtown with two friends for the day. We all had a variety of errands to run at the Embassy and then met up and went for lunch at "Beirut", a Lebanese restaurant that is very near the Embassy.  

Caitlynne's BISAC U-13 Girls' Basketball Team and their Coach.  
Not a very exciting day but baseball & softball practices begin this weekend with games soon to follow so I appreciate the downtime!

Have a great Thursday!

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