Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Almost December!

It is hard to believe that tomorrow will be December 1st!  
It took us several days but we finally managed to get the tree up and decorated.  
Last night while I was finalizing the plans for our holiday vacation, Caitlynne was a big help and put most of the ornaments on the tree.  We have had this tree for 8 years now and this year we noticed that a lot of the lights weren't working so I had to supplement with some that I (rather luckily) found here a few days ago.  We might need to re-string the entire tree for next year but I will leave that task for Kevin!  

Decorating the rest of the house took no time at all and now we are all set for the holidays!
The kids' old sled has been re-appropriated for home decor! And yes, I made that bow! 
 Our nativity set.  It is always nice to have that in set up and in place.
My favorite ornament.  I bought this about 20 years ago while on vacation on the Outer Banks and have been toting it around the world with us.  It goes front and center on our tree every year.
I need to run and make dinner!  Kevin leaves tomorrow and we have a lot to organize before he departs.  Have a great Wednesday!  

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