Monday, December 12, 2011

All Decked Out!

Wow, a second post for today! 

When you have a bright pink golf cart, how can you NOT decorate it with anything but PURPLE?!?  Woo Hoo!  
Obviously, this was a Caitlynne/Kristen venture and I wonder what Kevin will think... Christopher was not thrilled.  At all.

Here is a photo of the kids together at the dance on Saturday night.
Lastly, a quick YAY for the NY Giants on their win in Dallas last night! Great game and great comeback by NY! For a (long) while there, it wasn't looking too good. Next week, NY hosts Washington - always an interesting match-up in this home. It is probably a good thing that Kevin will not be here as certain fans have been known to get a little heated.

Well, enjoy your day, I am heading off to bed in a little while. 

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Chic Coastal Living said...

I'm sure Kevin and Christopher look cute riding around in a pink and purple golf cart!! hahaha! That's funny!