Thursday, December 22, 2011

Wrap Up

With the kids off from school and trying to get ready for their birthdays and Christmas, it has been hard for me to find time to sit down and write for the blog. Today I will do a wrap up of our activities from last weekend and this week.

After the hoopla of Caitlynne's friends sleeping over Friday night, the house seemed much quieter on Saturday. Saturday afternoon, Caitlynne went downtown with some friends to go shopping in a mall that just opened. The mall, called Terminal 21, is so incredibly over the top!  In fact, I am not going to try to even begin to describe it but will provide you with this link ( to a website which details this very unique shopping experience. Caitlynne, being the shopping princess that she is, absolutely loved it. She reported that there was a good mix of high end and low end stores, a lot of places to eat and great opportunities to people watch.  However, her absolute favorite part of the mall was the ladies' bathroom. Apparently, there is no toilet paper - your bottom is washed and then blown dry with warm air without you ever lifting your bottom off the heated toilet seat. Hmm... not what I would have expected but I guess this feature fits right in with the mall's extravagance. Anyway, I hope we all will be able to get down to take a look at the mall sometime over the holiday break. Not sure if we will venture into the bathrooms or not.

Christopher had a scrimmage baseball game Saturday afternoon. His travel team was playing the travel team that will be going to compete in Manila in early January. He played really well and had three great hits - two doubles and one single. I was very surprised at how well he pitched because I don't think he has pitched a ball since the season in Miami ended last May.  While I love watching him play and it is nice to sit in the stands and chat with the other parents, baseball games are SO long! This game ended at 3 hours (8 innings) and wasn't even played by the book (they used a 5 run limit or once through the batting order per inning per team) so who knows how long it would have gone on without those limits! Quite a change from basketball when we would be in and out of the gym in just over an hour!  

Caitlynne and Christopher have been spending quite a bit of time with their friends that are still in town. They are doing a lot of bike riding, having sleep overs, etc. It is nice that about 99% of their friends also live in Nichada so they can just hop on their bikes and meet up, either at someone's home or somewhere in between.  

This week we also had a consultation with the orthodontist about braces for Caitlynne. We knew that she was going to need them at some point but really wanted to wait until we moved here as it is much cheaper to have braces put on in Bangkok than in the U.S. Well, it might be cheaper but it is still pretty expensive! She had a mold made after her consultation and will go in Saturday for the braces to be put on... I just hope that it is not too painful for her and won't upset her Christmas spirit!          

Kevin returned from D.C. very early Tuesday morning. He thinks that he should not have to travel for a little while so it will be nice for us to get back in a "family" routine.  

I saw this tree when I was driving the kids to the local mall the other day... 
It looked so much like a poinsettia (but tree sized).  

I also took some photos of some of the other flora that is now blooming around Nichada.           
A holiday arrangement of poinsettias with a water lotus.
Have a great Thursday!

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