Friday, December 6, 2013

2003 - A Good Year and Great Mileage

Yesterday morning, I ran 6 miles to reach mile 2,003 in my transcontinental run. This is where I was...

2003.0 mi - "18.37 mi to Leoti, KS", Scott County
Unfortunately, this spot looks pretty similar to all of my other mileage "markers" in Kansas. 

This morning I ran another 6 miles - I am trying to get in as much running as I can before the weather gets any colder or there is a winter storm (two are predicted for early next week). First, I went out with the dogs for a short 2 mile run. The temperature when we began at 5:45 am was 65 degrees. While we were out running, a front moved in with some rain and, by the time we ran back home, the temperature had dropped to 55 degrees. After the kids went off to school and Kevin to work, I went out for another 4 miles on my own. By the time I finished round two, the temperature was 44 degrees. Now it is cold, breezy and raining. Truly a miserable day!

I am happy to sit inside for the rest of the day with a cup of hot coffee and my pups to keep me company. We are going to start and finish all of our holiday decorating tomorrow and Sunday so I am busy making lists and planning for what will go where.

Have a great Friday.

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