Friday, November 29, 2013

Where The Blacktop Ends

My goal for November was to run 90 miles. After yesterday's 5 miler, I was at 83 miles, leaving me with 7 miles to run by midnight on Saturday. Since we are leaving North Carolina early tomorrow morning to travel back to Virginia, I didn't think I would have enough time to get a run in before we left so the plan was to run it all this morning. 

I took the photos above at the point just north of Corolla where Highway 12 ends its journey through the Outbanks at the Atlantic Ocean. Kevin *thought* this spot was 3.5 miles from our home so we planned to run up and back to get my 7 miles in. It was actually just over 4 miles (one way) so I finished with 91 miles for November. Yay me. My goal for December is to run 100 miles and, barring sickness or significant snowfall, I should be able to meet that challenge without too much trouble. 

We had a wonderful dinner last night...very traditional and very delicious. Knowing that I ate all of that food last night was one reason I didn't complain (too much) about running the extra mile this morning. Today is a very lazy day for all of us. Some of our group went Black Friday shopping at an outlet mall south of Whalehead Beach, some are golfing and everyone else is scattered throughout the house reading or napping. Cailtynne, my mom and I got out of the house for a while and drove down to Duck (about 30 minutes south) to walk around some of the shops there. There was the typical "tourist" stuff for sale (in fact, we left after Caitlynne and my mom both said the stores were all starting to look the same) but I did buy a few Christmas ornaments to add to my collection.

Have a great Friday!

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