Tuesday, December 10, 2013

A Double Whammy

Yesterday, we were hit with a whopper of an ice storm.
I took the photo below from inside of our sun-room looking out at our dogwood tree. 
Ice covered everything!

The ice was so pretty but there was the potential for a lot of damage. We were very lucky to lose only one large branch of a tree on our front lawn. 
In the 1/4 mile between our home and the main road, three trees had fallen on or very near to the street. Once it warmed up a bit and it looked like the roads were fine to drive on, the kids and I went out to lunch.
Today was Phase II of the weather system - the snow storm.

One snow day is fun. Two are boring. The kids had fun making gingerbread houses. For a while.

How the boy works.
 How the girl works.
Poor Caitlynne. She worked so hard (and so neatly) and she followed the directions to a "T" but, just as she was almost finished decorating the outside of her house, it imploded.
Although it looked very messy, Christopher's house held together. He got tired of decorating it though and moved on to something else. 
The kids agreed that this activity was a total failure. Yay mom!
The boys had fun playing in the snow.
Chester could not get enough of the snow. 
He ate snow from the ground.
He played with his girl.

He ate the snow from the patio table.  
At first, Sonder was not thrilled about being sent out in the snow but he came around.
They were happy to come inside and warm up! 
As predicted, the snow stopped just after noon. The sun came out and most of the ice has fallen off of the trees. It is supposed to be bitterly cold for a few days so I expect the snow will be on the ground for a while. My fingers are crossed that the kids will be back in school as usual tomorrow.

Have a great Wednesday!

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