Thursday, July 25, 2013

Running and Renovations

In the weeks before we left Thailand, my commitment to running was not the best. At all. In addition to me being very busy and the weather being very hot and humid, I was having a few aches and pains in the area near my Achilles Tendon. I decided to run the minimal amount possible (just enough to maintain my fitness) and cut back on my mileage until our return to the U.S. I have not progressed much in my transcontinental run over the last couple of months but every little bit counts. 

This is where I was this morning at mile 1648 in my transcontinental run...
1648.0 mi - 7.38 mi to Coyville, KS", Woodson County"Section: 8 Map Name: Verdigris River, 97"
Now that I am running in cooler and less humid weather and running on better surfaces, my weekly mileage is slowly starting to increase and I hope to run over 20 miles this week. In addition to being happy about my mileage increasing, I am thrilled that I feel so good during and after my runs. I do not even think about (and certainly don't miss) those hot and sweaty runs around Nichada. This morning, it was a glorious 62 degrees when I went out to run 5.5 miles. It was beyond amazing!

House renovations are progressing nicely and it looks like we are still on track to partially move in next Friday. Not that we have much to move in because our air freight shipment is still missing in transit. Very frustrating!

Caitlynne's room has been completely painted and is ready for the flooring to be installed. The ceiling is "Sweet Currant" and the walls are "Pretty Orchid". Caitlynne initially wanted to have the wall painted with the darker color but we saw some great painted ceilings on Pinterest and she changed her mind. We love the contrast and there is enough light in the room to keep it bright.
Christopher's room is painted with "Star Gazer". Dan asked me how I convinced Christopher (a Washington Redskins' fan) to paint his room "New York Giant Blue". Ha! I didn't even make the connection when we were picking the paint - in fact, I wanted him to paint the walls in a much lighter blue. I love this color though and am glad we went with the darker and brighter blue. It will certainly match the "New York Giants Red" area rug that I just ordered for him. Ha! 
I chose "Cream Delight" for the walls in the master bedroom. Our room looks rather boring when compared to the kids' rooms but neutral is good. All of the paints we used were Valspar (at Mimmo's request) and are available at Lowe's. 
With the painting completely finished, they were able to begin installing the hardwood floors yesterday afternoon.
By the end of the day, they had the floor of the master bedroom closet finished. We love how the hardwood looks!
The tile installation on the hallway bathroom floor was also finished yesterday.
The highlight of each of day is when Kevin and I go over to the house after dinner and take a look at what was finished during the day.

Have a great Thursday!

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Kristopher said...

Seems you've got a busy bunch of weeks ahead of you right there, a lot of space needing to be worked out and filled out. Maybe you can bring in extra help, so that you can get a lot of the house's areas covered in far less time.