Thursday, July 18, 2013

Not A Good Start To The Day

Every morning, after my alarm goes off and before I even think about getting out of bed, I grab my phone and go through my emails. This morning was one of the few mornings when I regretted doing that. The following email sent by our point of contact at the U.S. Embassy in Bangkok was one of the first messages I read...

"Please be noted that Mr. Keating’s UAB shipment is now missing during transit in San Francisco and we already asked United to trace this shipment since last week and await the outcome. Will keep all posted."

Someone asked me earlier today why I didn't seem all that upset. To be honest, until Mimmo and Dan finish the renovation of the upper levels of our home, we have nowhere to put anything. Right now, the later our shipment is found and delivered to our home, the better (and more convenient) it will be for us. Of course, if the shipment isn't found by the time the house is finished and we are ready to move in, I am sure my mood will be a little different. The UAB (aka air freight) contains almost all of the contents of my kitchen, our dinnerware and glassware, bedding, towels, tools, small appliances, clothing, etc. - all stuff that can be replaced if need be. It will just be a huge hassle. 

I am concerned that the notification that our shipment was lost was received by the Embassy last week and it still has not been found. That is a long time for 700 pounds of stuff to be missing - it isn't like it was one box or an envelope that was simply misplaced. Our shipment for our move from Washington, DC to Australia was originally delivered to a location in South Africa so who knows where this one might end up. It will be interesting to hear where it is found.  
Have a great Friday!

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