Sunday, July 21, 2013


Just in case our lives weren't chaotic enough...look what we added to the mix! 
Chester, a seven month old standard poodle, will join our family in about two weeks. 

Since we lost Simpson last April, my plan has always been to get another dog soon after our return to the U.S. My intent was to adopt a "rescued" labradoodle but, for several reasons, this did not work out. I had been keeping an eye on a few labradoodle rescue websites and, although I know there are processes and rules in place for good reasons, I did not have the patience for such a time consuming process. Applications, approvals, home inspections, dog-specific requirements (fenced yard, adult home during the day, no other dogs, other dogs, no kids, kids, etc.) that had to be met before I would even be considered to adopt a rescued doodle. In addition, because of Sonder, I wanted to be able to meet the dog and spend some time with him/her before making a decision about bringing him/her into our home and rescue organizations (at least the ones I was looking at) do not work that way. In fact, the one organization that had quite a few rescued doodles available would not even send the doodles to "forever" homes that were out of the state in which they were being fostered. In the 5 months that I had been lurking on that organization's website, only two doodles became available in Virginia and both were adopted very quickly.

I noticed a small ad for Chester in the Washington Post classifieds at the end of last week but I waited until Thursday to call. He was still available and, on Friday afternoon, the kids and I drove (almost to West Virginia) to meet him. 

This was only the second time he has ever been on a leash and he did so well!
It was love at first sight for all of us. I looked into his eyes and my heart just melted. He reminded me so much of Simpson and I think he is Simpson's soul mate for sure - very calm, loving and such a sweet, sweet dog. He will be a perfect addition to our family. All of the other puppies were going ballistic when we walked up to the field - barking and jumping like crazy - but Chester just stood quietly, patiently waiting for the gate to be opened. The breeder who owned him intended to use him for breeding but he is just too big (at 7 months, he is almost 70 pounds) so she had to retire him before he even began! Lucky us!

The breeder is willing to keep him for two weeks until our house is ready for us to partially move in to. We hope moving into the house with both dogs at the same time will reduce any territorial  inclinations that Sonder might have. Maybe he will just think that the new dog comes with the new house...

Sonder surveying his domain this morning...
Have a great Sunday!

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