Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Moving Right Along

I really should be out running on this glorious 63 degree & very low humidity morning but blogging calls. 

Tile in the upstairs hall bathroom has been installed. The bathroom as of Friday afternoon.
And then on Monday afternoon - all of the tile was installed but was not yet grouted.
Some of the tiles in the mosaic (that Caitlynne selected) have the most beautiful pinkish/purplish iridescence to them.
The bathroom is almost finished. All of the tiling has been grouted and today, they will install the toilet, LED lights and the hardware in the tub/shower. Yesterday, the vanity was delivered and I selected the granite and the sink which should be installed Thursday or early Friday morning. 

It amazes me how quickly the hardwood flooring is being installed. It is almost like putting pieces of a puzzle together. Sort of. The master bedroom on Friday morning.

The master bedroom finished.
The hallway.
Since I took these photos, the hardwood flooring in Caitlynne's room, the hallway, the linen closet and the stairs has been fully installed. Today, in addition to the work in the bathroom, Mimmo and Dan will finish installing the hardwoods in Christopher's room and begin to re-install doorknobs, closet doors, switch-plate covers, etc. Everything seems to be on track for us to partially move in this weekend. Yay! 

While Mimmo and Dan are working inside, I have been busy trying to get the outside of the house and the yard cleaned up. We had the house power-washed about three weeks ago - cleaning all of the green gunk, spiderwebs and dirt off of the siding, gutters and the shutters made a huge difference in the home's appearance and curb appeal.

When we first arrived, the backyard looked like a jungle. And a dump. Seriously, how hard would it have been for our tenants to throw trash in the trash can as opposed to tossing it in the backyard? Ugh. Last week, I arranged to have all of the trash picked up, the brush cut down and removed, all of the trees and bushes trimmed, etc. It took a crew of 5 men almost 8 hours to get the yard back in order! It was that bad. It looked like a completely different yard when they finished. We are having a fence installed at the end of this week and the dogs will be very happy to have such a nice space for their playground. We have just over an acre of land and Sonder hasn't had such room to roam since we lived in Miami. I am sure he will go crazy for the first few days and enjoy the freedom of running unleashed. 

Speaking of playgrounds...early Saturday morning, I put a "free to good home" ad on Craig's List for this very dilapidated play-set and by Sunday afternoon, much to my relief, it was gone. It took the new owner and his son almost 2 hours to break it all down and take it away.
The front flower gardens are also a mess and I am slowly working on weeding them and trying to figure out where to relocate a lot of the existing perennials that have either become overgrown or have multiplied in the time we were gone. I think there is every kind of ground cover imaginable growing in this mess - Ivy, Vinca Minor, Pachysandra, Dichondra. There might even be a dead body in there somewhere! 
Before we left for Australia, this garden was full of many varieties of beautiful hostas. I think most of them have been overtaken by the ground cover but I find a few small ones every now and then while I am weeding. I meant to take a "before" photo but I got on a roll once I started pulling the plants out and forgot about it. Here is the garden almost 1/4 of the way cleared. I still have a lot more to go but, between the mosquitoes and trying to take it easy on my back, it is a slow process. 
The other side of the walkway after being cleaned up a bit and planted with some annuals...
The front entrance area. 
Kevin's mom gave us the bench below a couple of weeks ago. It is the perfect size for this space. Caitlynne painted it black and we added the pillow purchased at Lowe's. The front door needs to be re-finished and I have been searching on you-tube for some guidance. From the videos I have watched, I think this is a project that is within our Kevin's capabilities so I will be adding it to his "honey do" list.  
 Have a great Wednesday!

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