Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Long Time, No Blog

This post has been in the works (in my mind) for nearly 4 weeks. I have finally gotten things settled enough that I can write a post and, hopefully, continue to blog on a more frequent basis. 

I never intended to just disappear from the blog after our departure from Thailand and arrival in the U.S. but a variety of factors combined to prevent me from blogging for the past few weeksIn addition being incredibly busy with the usual visiting/catching up with family and friends, getting the kids and the dog settled in and completing numerous move-related tasks, I misplaced (not once but twice!) the notebook with my user name and password information. I couldn't access to publish a blog...even if I had the time and the inclination to write something - which I most definitely didn't. And, why not, you might ask? Well, in addition to being mom, wife, runner, blogger and organizer extraordinaire, I have taken on another hat...supervisor of home renovations! 

After being away for 8 years, we returned to find our home was desperately in need of many repairs, maintenance and upgrades. While we had planned on doing some work (re-painting and re-carpeting), we didn't certainly intend to renovate to this extent. However, since the house was empty and the work needed to be done, it was a "now or never" decision. We were fortunate to find two contractors that not only came very highly recommended by family members but were able to accommodate our "start and finish as quickly as possible" schedule. They are removing wallpaper from several rooms, re-painting the interior of the entire house, installing hardwoods on the upper levels, tiles on the lower level and in the sun-room and completely renovating two bathrooms. It is not pretty.
The contractors began yesterday morning and hope to finish the upper level in about three weeks. Once the upper level is finished, we will be able to partially move in while they work on the rest of house. We are currently splitting our time between Jim and Jan's (my brother and sister-in-law), a hotel and my mother-in-law's. While I am so appreciative that we have those options, not only are we living out of suitcases but we have stuff scattered between all three places. And in our cars. And at the house. It is way too unorganized and chaotic for my liking.

Much to our dismay, after the carpet was pulled up in the bedrooms on the upper level, we found that the carpet had been installed over hardwood flooring. Unfortunately, the carpet had been nailed directly to the hardwood floors and they were completely ruined. Believe me, I really tried to think of a way to salvage that existing hardwood but it was just not possible. So, not even 15 minutes after the contractors began the work, we had a slippage in the schedule and completion date. 
The demolition was finished today and everything is cleaned up and ready for Mimmo and his partner, Dan (our contractors), to begin the painting and the installation of the hardwood flooring tomorrow. 
The living room and dining room are filled with boxes of hardwood flooring.
Jim, Kevin and Christopher helped to defray some of our costs by replacing broken tiles in the kitchen. 
The kids and Sonder have settled in pretty well. Jan is totally spoiling Sonder with treats and lots of love and he has become quite attached to her. I am sure he is beyond confused with all of the moving around that we are doing. I try to take him in the car with us whenever possible so he doesn't feel like we are abandoning him. 
 Have a great Thursday!

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Sandy said...

Wow! It does sound like a crazy time for you all. There is nothing worse than living out of suitcases; it is an unsettled feeling, that is for sure. I hope the work on your house goes fast and that you are in and settled in no time! I'm sure it will be beautiful and worth the wait when it is all finished! Missing you here! Sandy