Sunday, May 26, 2013

Another Creature To Worry About

While I was cleaning out the water garden yesterday morning, I noticed some fluttering around in this potted palm.
Upon closer inspection, I saw this...
The mother bird was happy to sit up on the gutter and watch me first clean the water garden and then take photos of her nest. I used my zoom lens so I didn't get too close. Unfortunately, this is probably the worst possible place for a bird to build a nest. In addition to the pot being right outside our front door (= high traffic area), a snake or cat could easily reach the nest. I am giving my neighbor all of my plants when we leave and hope the bird will be hatched and out of the nest by then. 

Although my stomach wasn't feeling the greatest this week, I was able to run four days and ended up with twenty miles for the week. While my transcontinental run has certainly kept me motivated to get out and run in the miserable weather here, I felt like I needed something "real" to keep me focused during this last month so I registered Kevin and I to run the Army 10 Miler in late October. The last time I ran this race (about 12 years ago), I think finished in about 1:35 and I have set that as my "reach" finish time for this October. If I remain injury free (knock on wood) and continue running at least 20 miles per week until we get home, I can then work on my speed and add longer distances when we are in a better climate and on improved terrain. 

I usually have a glass of chocolate milk immediately after I finish my run. In addition to (supposedly) having the *perfect* ratio of protein to carbs for muscle recovery, the chocolate milk is filling enough so I don't need to eat anything right away. I am lactose-intolerant but this glass of chocolate milk (only on the days that I run) is the only dairy that I have (other than a small splash of milk in my coffee) and my body seems to be able to manage it, some days better than others. However, since my stomach has been an absolute mess for going on two weeks now, I am eliminating the chocolate milk to see if that helps at all. I recently read somewhere that coconut water is a great recovery drink and, when I saw some freshly "squeezed" at the Villa Market the other day, I bought a couple of bottles. 
I am not a huge fan of coconut but the water tasted fine - certainly not a favorite flavor of mine though. The peels of coconut were a nice visual touch but they resembled worms with their shape and had a slimy texture which kind of grossed me out. While I won't go out of my way to buy anymore of  this, if I did have it again, I would definitely strain it before drinking. As far as a recovery drink is was cold and it was hydrating. I have no way of knowing whether or not the higher potassium amounts (compared to sports drinks) were of any benefit to me. However, since I am not a world class athlete, it really doesn't matter. The Villa Market also stocks a large variety of soy milks, including chocolate and vanilla flavors, and that is going to be my next try out.

And lastly, before I head out with Sonder for a long walk, I want to give a shout out to my cousin John who, literally, as I type this, is marrying Sara in Atlanta. Best wishes for a beautiful day and a lifetime of love and happiness. Yet another family wedding that I am stalking on facebook! Fortunately, my sister in law and cousin in law are pretty good about posting real time photos. 

Have a great Monday!

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