Thursday, May 30, 2013

Empty House

Yesterday, in just a couple of hours, we went from this... 
to this...
The last of 184 boxes.
 Loading the truck.
I am still in a bit of shock over how well our pack-out went and how great the movers were. I was so anxious about not having Kevin here to help and it turns out his absence didn't really matter. I can only hope we have the same caliber of personnel when we receive our shipment in Virginia. The movers had everything so well organized before they left on Wednesday afternoon and all they had to do yesterday morning was to load the crates and the truck. They left here about 1 pm and PeePorn and I spent the rest of the afternoon getting the house back in order. 

Our weight allowance for the sea freight portion of our shipment was 7,200 pounds. We moved here with 6,700 pounds so I had 500 pounds to work with. I was a little nervous that we would be pushing the limit for the return trip as I did buy a lot of furniture, porcelain and artwork. However, our final weight yesterday morning was 6,100 pounds so I did a good job of getting rid of a lot of stuff. And could have bought even more than I did!

Today, I am going downtown with a friend to do some shopping and have lunch. After three days of being tied to the house, I need to get out of the house and out of Nichada!

Have a great Friday and enjoy the last day of May! 

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Renea Luong @ Legacy said...

You're very lucky to have worked with very efficient movers. Moving from one state to another is stressful enough, I can't imagine having to do it across oceans. Anyway, did everything arrive safely? I hope nothing important got damaged on that long trip.