Friday, May 17, 2013

A Break

A quick post on something other than old and decaying stone temples. 

Sonder was so happy to have us back home again. Earlier this year, Christopher won that Angry Birds stuffed animal at a carnival and Sonder quickly made it "his".
Maybe not.
A nap instead.
This sight makes my heart happy. Christopher invited a group of friends to our home for a "Friday Movie Night". Even though it can be loud and crazy, I always like having the kids here to hang out. Now, after the events of the last few weeks, listening to them talk and laugh with each other is even more special. 
And this tribute to Patrick at ISB by his friends and classmates makes my heart just as sad. 
I have been having horrible gastrointestinal issues since we returned from Cambodia. I don't know if I picked up some kind of bacteria there or went a little too "local" on the Cambodian food but I have not been able to eat much this week. I am going to make a huge effort to eat a lot of fruits, vegetables and unprocessed foods this weekend and see if that helps the situation. 

For my breakfast...
Kevin leaves tomorrow morning for his last trip back to Virginia before our move. Yippee! (for it being his last trip, not that he is leaving). This is a relatively short trip and he will return just in time for Caitlynne's "moving up" ceremony at ISB on June 6th. It has been a bit stressful trying to get him packed and ready to go. Since he will not be here when the movers come next week (I am still trying to figure out how he planned that!), we need to organize his portion of the air shipment, the sea freight and what he wants kept here for the short time before we leave. 

And, last but certainly not least...Today is our 17th wedding anniversary! Kevin... you are my best friend and true love, all rolled into one. And, if that sounds like it is straight off of a Hallmark card, it is. Caitlynne has her 8th grade dance this evening and Christopher will, most likely, be doing something with his friends so we are going to try and sneak out for a quiet dinner. Hopefully my stomach will cooperate.

Have a great Saturday!

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