Monday, May 6, 2013

A Rainbow, Nichada Style

As seen in the parking lot at the Villa Market.
A spectacular view looking across Nichada Lake. 
This gorgeous tree is at the end of our street. 

There was a bit of a stand off on our front step this morning. 
Sonder is quite happy to just stare until whatever has his attention moves and then he freaks out. He wouldn't know what to do with anything he might possibly be brave enough to go after. Simpson, on the other hand, had more of an "attack now, ask questions later" mentality, one reason why he is no longer with us.

One day last week, I went downtown with some friends for the day. We had lunch at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel which is right on the banks of the Chao Phraya River.  
The two photos below are from the hotel's website.
I didn't think the lobby was all that luxurious but they did have some beautiful and unusual floral arrangements. This arrangement was hung from the ceiling in the center of the lobby.
Look at this detail... those are strands of flowers threaded together and and cascading down to a pool filled with floating orchids. Each strand was capped with a crystal pendant. 
The ceiling of each corner of the lobby was decorated with these more elaborately threaded floral arrangements.They really made good use of the very high ceilings. 
The floral arrangements on the tables were unique as well. 

These wreaths were hung on the windows overlooking the entrance area and were orchids arranged in an ombre design.

After lunch, we walked around and visited several of the silver shops that are nearby. Thailand is one of the world's best places to buy high quality but inexpensive silver jewelry and stainless steel items. We went to two jewelry shops (Lin Jewelers and Lin & Sons - not related) that were right around the corner from the Mandarin Oriental. Both of these shops had very nice items at reasonable prices. There wasn't anything that I *had* to have but I did buy a small birthday gift for Kevin. The last shop we went to was T.R. Gift Shop.
T.R. Gifts was also located near the Mandarin (just a few doors down from the jewelry shops) and was much larger and had more of an inventory than the other two shops. On the lower level, there looked to be a large selection of silver jewelry but I was more interested in the second level which was stocked with all kinds of stainless steel cutlery and tableware. Bowls, platters, vases, candlesticks, utensils, etc. - every size and shape imaginable. There were a few items I really liked but wanted to think about about how much/if I would use them. 

Khao San Road is another great area to purchase wholesale silver jewelry but we did not make it over there last week. Maybe another time. I have also heard that S.J. Jewelry (in the Dusit area) has a nice selection of good quality rubies and sapphires at really great prices. So much shopping, so little time!

Have a great Tuesday. 

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