Sunday, May 5, 2013


It has been a rough couple of days. ISB kept the middle school open on Friday and designated a room where the kids could congregate with counselors, ISB administration and their teachers. They printed out photos and made large posters to honor Patrick. I went up to school to check on Caitlynne during the morning break and the mood was very sad and somber. It was heartbreaking. However, I returned again at lunch and could definitely see a difference in that the kids seemed to be talking more about their memories of Patrick and celebrating his life rather than focusing on what had happened the afternoon before. 

In my opinion, ISB had an excellent response to this tragedy and I can not think of anything that could/should have been done differently. The communications from the school were timely and well written and the support & information they provided to the kids and the families has been exceptional. 

Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with Patrick's family at this difficult time.

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