Friday, March 1, 2013

So Much Gorgeousness!

I had my first Floral Design class on Thursday. What a fun job it would be to work with gorgeous flowers and design/create centerpieces, bouquets and other types of beautiful floral arrangements! I am not sure that floral design is the right fit for me though. I would definitely have to rein in my obsessive compulsive tendencies and be a little less of a perfectionist. Flowers, greenery and leaves don't always "go" the way you want them to. I learned that very important lesson yesterday.

Our instructor, Tipwan, went to the flower market in Chinatown earlier in the morning and bought a nice selection of flowers for us to use to create a hand-held bouquet.

The raw materials. 
The white lilies were our focal points in the bouquet, the red flowers would provide height and the yellow orchids would provide a splash of color on the lower part of the bouquet.

I don't know what this flower was called but it was very unique and pretty.
The red looked great against the white of the lily.
 The initial design.
 Beginning to design my bouquet.

There are four of us taking this class and, although we were taught the same technique and followed the same design with the same materials, all of the bouquets were very different. I kept my bouquet very simple and didn't use a lot of greenery as a filler. The other ladies made beautiful bouquets that were very lush and colorful.

My bouquet looked so sparse compared to the others! Next week I will try and add a little more bulk to my design.
The bouquet at home. 
The Twins' (from Thursday's Harlem Shake post) mom had two floral arrangements for the girls delivered to our house before the birthday party. Gorgeous!


I am glad the girls took their flowers home with them because my little bouquet would look absolutely pathetic next to these! Clearly, I have a lot to learn about floral design.

Their mom also ordered a cake to be delivered. More gorgeousness!
For those of you who live in or near Nichada, the cake was made by "Cherries" near the Villa Market by the lake. It was white layer cake with a pink filling between the layers.

Happy Birthday, girls!
Christopher has a lot of baseball this weekend - he plays a double header today (Saturday) and a double header on Sunday. These are all scrimmage games against Minebae, the team from the Japanese baseball academy that is north of Nichada. This is the same team we have lost to each and every time we played them over the last two years. This weekend we have four chances to get a "W" so keep your fingers crossed! I would love for our team to win at least one game against Minebae before we move from Bangkok. Is that too much to ask? I don't think so.

I am not thrilled about spending my weekend sitting in the bleachers but baseball will be over for us in less than a month so it is a "grin and bear it" activity. Fortunately, on both days, the games do not begin until the early afternoon. At least this gives us some time in the morning to do homework, run errands and do chores around the house. Of course, it also means that we are playing during the hottest part of the day. The forecast for today...

Saturday, Mar 2

DayMar 2


If yesterday's whether is any indication, we are most definitely in for a hot one today. I ran this morning for 4 miles with Sonder and brought him home when he started to drag. I went back out on my own to run another 2 miles and was completely drenched with sweat when I returned.  Summer is on the way! 

Have a great Saturday!

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