Thursday, March 14, 2013

Caught In The Act

In the evenings, Sonder almost always stays downstairs with me while I read, work on the computer, etc. Even if he and I are in different rooms downstairs (unusual because he sticks to me like white on rice), when he hears me begin to turn off the lights and the air conditioning, he finds me and follows me up to get ready for bed. However, Saturday night, I couldn't find Sonder when it was time to go to bed.

I saw the light was on in Christopher's room and peeked in.
Christopher knew that I would be upset if Sonder was on Christopher's bed so he made him a makeshift bed. Using his pillow shams. Ugh. Not sure if that is much better than the dog sleeping on the bed but little steps I guess.

Sonder raised his head but wouldn't look at me. Although he wasn't on Christopher's bed, he knew he still wasn't in the "right" spot. 
With a loud sigh, he went back to sleep.
He slept in Christopher's room again on Sunday night and Monday morning I moved his bed in there. Sonder has been upset with me these days but I didn't think he would take it to this extreme. His allergies have been horrible for the last few months and, per the vet's direction, I have been giving him a bath every other day, cleaning his ears morning and night and spraying his paws twice a day with tee tree oil. Although the treatments are helping to alleviate his discomfort, he hates all of them. It has become quite a trick for me to find him for his bath or treatment. He quickly figured out where the most inaccessible spots in the house were and hastens to one of them when he realizes it is "that" time. However, all I need to do is mention a "treat" and he comes out from his hiding place. Sneaky Dog = Sneaky Me. 

Yesterday, I took him to the vet to be tested so we could find out exactly what he is allergic too. He was sedated, his side was shaved and then he was tested for FIFTY different allergens  When the procedure was finished, the vet walked him out to me in the waiting room. Sonder looked right at me, walked past me to go look out the window and ignored me for the 15 minutes that the vet and I talked. Talk about a cold shoulder!

We found he is allergic to the pollen from two types of trees. He is now on a new combination of antihistamines and steriods and I hope this round will do the trick. I just want him to be comfortable for the next three months until our move. The two trees that he is allergic to (the acacia and the queen palm) do not grow in Virginia (at least as far as I can tell) so, hopefully, the move will be his "cure". 

Kevin is finally home! Strong winds in Tokyo created a lengthy delay in his departure from there and he didn't get home until 3:45 am. Yikes! He said it wasn't worth it to try and sleep so he worked out, had some coffee and went in to work. I can't begin to imagine how exhausted he is going to be tonight. PeePorn has been cooking all afternoon so we will have an early dinner and go to bed.

Have a great Thursday!

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