Tuesday, March 19, 2013

And So It Begins


Toyota Harrier (Lexus RX 300) 1999. Ivory with tan interior. VERY low mileage - 75,000 kilometers/12,100 miles (I think I did the math right on that!). We had bumper to bumper maintenance completed on the car in March 2012 and it runs great and is in good condition. This is the perfect car for Bangkok - big enough to hold its own on the expressway yet small enough to drive with confidence on the narrow streets and alleys in the city. Right hand drive. We are leaving post at the end of June but the car is available any time before then if needed. Diplomatic sale only - car can be sold duty free & on the economy in three years. Please email me at keatingkc@aol.com if you are interested.  


We love this car and, were it not for the right hand drive, we would take it back to Virginia with us. 

Have a great Wednesday!

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