Thursday, March 7, 2013

A New Friend

I was out with Sonder the other night and spotted this little guy taking a dip in the fish pond. 
I have seen a lot of toads around our yard and in Nichada. In fact, a small toad lives in one of my portulaca flower pots. However, this was the first time I have seen a tree frog since we have lived here. I am happy to have him as long as he eats the mosquitoes and doesn't pose a threat to Sonder (as did the very poisonous Bufo toads that lived in our yard in Miami).

Some random shots of flowers in our yard.
As it is now late Spring here, everything is in full bloom. It is just breathtaking to see some of the colorful flowers that are along the streets of Nichada. I will have some more photos posted tomorrow, including photos from my second Floral Design class held this morning. I planned to post those today but I woke up to a lengthy contract in my in-box that needed to be reviewed for my "office" ASAP and work took the place of blog writing. Work = Money so I can't complain!

Have a great Thursday!

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