Saturday, March 2, 2013


For those inquiring minds out there...We won!

For the first time in FOUR years, our team beat the Minebae team with the final score being 7-4. We lost the first game of the double header by a score of 14-4. It was a disappointing loss because we played great competitive baseball but one inning got away from us. They scored a bunch of runs that we just couldn't match. Fortunately, the boys did not let the loss get them down and maintained a positive attitude in the dug out. 

There was a short break between the games and after a quick meeting with the coaches, the boys rested and refueled with some nutritious food (yogurt, string cheese, fruits, hummus and carrots). The second game began and our team came out swinging and played really great defense. We took the lead in the first inning and never looked back. As you can imagine, our boys were thrilled with the win! While Christopher has been playing against Minebae for only two seasons, some of the boys on the team (and two of the coaches) have been playing against them for 4 seasons without a win so the win was VERY sweet for them. 

When we played Minabae a few weeks ago, Christopher struck out 3 of his 4 times at bat. This was not the case AT ALL yesterday - he was a hitting machine! I was so nervous for his first at bat and was praying like crazy that he wouldn't strike out. He hit the first pitch and sent a beautiful grounder to left field for a single. You could probably hear my sigh of relief in the U.S.!  He was out of his slump! He had two more singles in the first game but, unfortunately, got left on base all three times and did not score.

In the second game, he started off with a strike out, was thrown out at first on his second hit and hit a single on his last at bat. He was (finally) able to score a run and was quite happy. Such a fantastic improvement from a few weeks ago. With our tournament in Singapore quickly approaching, the coaches are planning the line ups and field positions and are playing very close attention to how the boys are hitting and playing defensively so it is a good time for Christopher's hitting to improve. He played first base, second base, third base and left field at different times over the course of the two games and made no errors. 

Some photos from the day...

Christopher playing first base.

Getting ready for his first at bat. I wonder what was going through his mind at that moment. 

A hit! Yay! On first base - somewhere he hadn't been in a few weeks. 
 Taking off for second base.
End of game line-up.
 Preparing for the wai.
Today we are on to Round 2. Christopher will be back on the field 12:30 for warm-ups and the first game begins at 1:30. It should be a fun afternoon! 

Have a great Sunday!

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