Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Lot of Basketball!

This was my morning... woke up at 4.15 am for a 2.5 mile run with the dogs.  Dropped the dogs off at home, woke Caitlynne up and then went out to run another 2.5 miles by myself.  Went back to the house, woke Christopher up and took Caitlynne to school to catch her 6.15 am bus to the BISAC Girls' Basketball Tournament at Shrewsbury International School.  Came home and made Christopher his special requested ham & cheese omelet before taking him to school to catch HIS bus to the BISAC Boys' Basketball Tournament at Bangkok Patana School.  

Then, it was back home once again to shower, get dressed and straighten the house before Kevin and I drove downtown to watch Christopher play in the 9.00 am and 11.00 am basketball games (one tie, one win).  We ate lunch with his team and then drove to the other side of Bangkok to see Caitlynne's team win their semi-final game.  We should have stayed for Caitlynne's final game but the tension was just too much for me. Also, we didn't know how heavy the traffic would be getting home from downtown and the dogs had been on their own for the better part of the day so it was a good idea to head out.  The ISB teams were playing really well and I can't wait to hear how their teams ended up finishing. I cannot imagine how tired Caitlynne and Christopher will be when they get home!  They will have each played 5 basketball games today.  Caitlynne also has a babysitting job tonight until mid-night so she will be one cranky girl tomorrow if she doesn't sleep in!  

I have some photos to post but Caitlynne borrowed the cord to connect my camera to the computer to download pictures so that will have to wait.

Have a great Saturday!  

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