Sunday, November 20, 2011

Bringing Home The Gold & The Silver!

Christopher's team placed 1st in the BISAC Boys' 13 & Under Tournament yesterday and Caitlynne's team placed 2nd in the Girls' 13 & Under Tournament!  There were eight teams in both tournaments and some of the games were VERY close.  We are so proud of their efforts and it was so nice to see their hard work and dedication pay off.  

Christopher's Gold Medal...
Christopher's team photo...
 Caitlynne's Silver Medal...
Now for some random photos from the last few weeks...

Caitlynne and her friend, Heather, on Halloween as "Sleeping Beauties"
The photos below are taken from our balcony at the resort the kids and I went to in Pattaya at the beginning of November. 
Looking down the coast.
Some of the children playing on the computer in the lounge.  Although there was a wide range of ages, everyone got along really well.
PeePorn usually cooks Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday unless we have plans to eat out or evening activities.  She is an excellent cook but I was feeling like we needed some "farang" (Western) food this week so I made chicken piccata, steamed carrots and baguette for our dinner on Wednesday.   
PeePorn made a salad and a fresh fruit plate.
 Sliced dragon fruit and mango... so delicious!
Tonight we are having our very first dinner guests since our household goods arrived.  It will be so nice to serve dinner on proper dinnerware and use our nice table linens!  We are having hummus, tzatziki & pita bread for nibblies and, for dinner... chicken and beef kebabs done on the grill, grilled veggies, a salad and two kinds of homemade focaccia (one with sea salt & rosemary and the other with onion & garlic).  Caitlynne is going to make brownies for dessert.   Yum!

Have a great Sunday!  


Jessica said...

Those are nice medals! Congrats to Caitlynne and Christopher! And what amazing scenery at that resort. Wow!

Wendi and Eric said...

Hello. My name is Wendi Phillips and my family and I are moving to Nichada in about two weeks (my husband will also be at the embassy). I love your blog. Especially all the pics of food. I was wondering if I could ask you a few questions about living there. Specifically, in the Permier neighborhood. We have been assigned to Premier III (our house won't be ready until spring), so I have a few questions about home "logistics." Anyway, if that's OK, please email me at Thanks...can't wait to meet you.