Saturday, November 26, 2011

Let The Holidays Begin!

The trip to the Christmas Shop on Friday certainly did the trick and I am now in a more festive mood and eager to prepare for the holidays!  Both my friend and I bought quite a few things at the shop.  There were lots of garlands, wreaths, ornaments, figurines, etc. to choose from and everything was so incredibly cheap.  I already had the wreath (minus the bow) above but remembered that I needed something too "finish" it and thought a large bow would be perfect.  I bought a roll of the ribbon and searched on you-tube for "how to make a fancy bow"  and voila!  This bow is the end result.  By the way, is a great "how to" resource!  What did we do before the internet?!?
Kevin pulled the tree out of the storage room and set it up yesterday.  I am going to add some more lights (white and non-blinking of course!) and will decorate today.  This is our living right now... 
It is always so much fun to go through each box and bring out all of our ornaments and decorations.  We have a lot of special items and I love getting everything set up and organized. As some of you know, we usually have two trees, one of which is the Christmas tree above that is decorated very traditionally.  We have always had a second tree that we call the Birthday Tree.  Since Caitlynne's birthday is December 19th and Christopher's is December 23rd, I wanted to make sure their birthdays were still special, even during all of the holiday celebrations.  When we lived in Virginia, each year, my dad would bring us a small tree that he cut from their property in NY.  We bought an artificial tree for our move to Australia and have used that since.  We decorate the Birthday Tree with colored, blinking lights and all of the ornaments they have made over the years and under it is where we put all of their birthday presents.  Unfortunately, given the weight limit on our HHE shipment, we had to leave the Birthday Tree in storage in the US and this will be our first year without it.  I am thinking of buying a small tabletop tree that we can use instead. It just doesn't seem right without having something in its place.  

My portulaca are just loving the bright sunshine and warm weather we are enjoying!  I can't remember the last time it rained.
This dish was part of the dinner that PeePorn made for us on Friday... salmon sashimi with some kind of green relish.  Definitely not the typical day after Thanksgiving dinner but we enjoyed it.
The photos below are from our Thanksgiving Dinner at Que Pasa...
We have been following the VA Tech - UVA football game online all morning.  We thought it would be a great game since it is a big rivalry and both teams have been having good seasons (and the winner would win the Coastal Division and play for the ACC Championship) but it ended up being 38-0 in VA Tech's favor!  Yay Hokies!

Well, I am off to have some breakfast and will then begin to decorate!  Have a fabulous Sunday!

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