Thursday, September 22, 2011

Updates and Maps

As you probably noticed, I did some things to "upgrade" the appearance of my blog.  My friend, Desiree, has an interior design and fashion blog that I read every day ( so, using her blog and another webpage that I enjoy ( for inspiration and ideas, I made some changes to make my page a little more colorful and exciting.  I did add a background photo of a globe (bet you never would have guessed what it was!) since I thought that was very appropriate (and colorful) and changed the colors and layout a bit.  I am still working through all of the different settings and tools so please be patient. 

I probably should have done this much earlier but I found a few good maps to give you a better idea of where we (in Nichada) are in relation to Bangkok (downtown), Thailand and the rest of the world.  If you click on the maps, they will enlarge but I am not sure what the quality will be.

These countries are considered to be located in Southeast Asia.
Here is a country map of Thailand and you can see Chiang Rai (near the Golden Triangle) at the very top and Bangkok almost directly below at the bottom of the country.
I modified the map below a bit so you could see where Nichada is relative to Bangkok City proper.  The dotted grey lines are expressways that have now been completely built. 
The first Nichada map below shows some of the stores & services that are outside our gates.  Please note that these maps are not at all current.  Right next to the Volvo dealer on Chaengwattana Road there now stands "Central World Plaza", a very large 7 story shopping center.  I can get to Central World quite easily on the golf cart (going out the Seechaitong gate) but I think that I have never been there nor returned home the same way twice!  That neighborhood is a maze of tiny streets and alleys and always confuses me!  The "front" gate that I have written about opens onto Soi Samakee (southern side of Nichada).   The Seechaitong (or side) gate is not shown on here but opens out of Nichada somewhere behind the Shell Station.  Our home is on the very eastern edge of Nichada near the "back" gate (not on these maps) which opens onto a "members only" access road for the expressway.  Being a "member" allows you to exit the expressway, make a few very confusing U-turns and enter Nichada.  If you aren't a member, you exit the expressway and work your way around to the front gate (as the arrows on the first map show) to enter Nichada.  Being a member and coming in the back gate takes at least 20 minutes off your trip so it is well worth the 500 baht a year to join.
The map below includes the lake that Nichada is built around.
I hope I haven't confused you too much but at least you can get an idea of our little world!

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Chic Coastal Living said...

Love, love, love your blog Kristen!!! Thanks for the plug! These maps are great and actually do help me figure out where in the world you are! hehe!