Monday, September 26, 2011

Lots of Photos, Lots of Catch Up!

Whew! Major catch up today! I was doing so well posting last week and then the weekend arrived and things got so crazy with the kids' sports and my schoolwork that I barely had time to sit and have a cup of coffee (or a glass of wine).

Thursday was the first BISAC game for both Caitlynne and Christopher.  It was an away game at a school south of Bangkok so they left at 2 pm and returned about 7 pm.  Their teams each won by comfortable margins and they had a great time on the bus to the game. 
Please note that Christopher will be getting his hair cut this weekend.  We knew it was long but didn't realize how long until we were downtown yesterday and a shopkeeper made the "scissors cutting" motion around his head.   Most of the boys here wear their hair very short so I don't know why he insists on letting it grow. 

Remember my beautiful water "lily" (which I have since learned - thanks to Diane K.- was really a lotus)?  Well, the flower was gone as quickly as it came!  I don't think it lasted more than three days before all of the "petals" blew off in a big storm.  I am interested to see what happens with this "thing" that was left.  There is some new growth popping out of the water so maybe a new blossom will appear.
A friend of mine had an open house last week for a preview of rugs, fabrics and linens for the home that are made in and imported from Afghanistan, India and Pakistan.  I bought this table runner which is from India and is actually pieced together using fabric from wedding saris.  I tried to take a few photos so you could see the beading and embroidery detail. 
I also bought this bed cover which is 100% wool (very lightweight) and handwoven in Afghanistan.  It has some shades of purple in it and I think it will coordinate well with our quilt so I will probably use it and the table runner in our bedroom.   
Below is a photo of Christopher's team in the Northern Bangkok Basketball League.  They had a very rough game on Saturday (lost by almost 20 points) and it was a tough loss.  Kevin and his assistant coach will be away for the next two games so yours truly is in charge!  Ha!  I don't think the team knows what it is in for. 

Caitlynne's team had an incredible game on Saturday.  They played the team that they lost to by 40 points last week and this week was quite an improvement.  They were ahead the entire game until the last four minutes and ended up losing by two points in the final seconds.  It was such a nail biter!  I am always amazed at how aggressive the girls are on the basketball court and am very glad that Caitlynne is able to hold her own out there. 

After several weeks of discussion, we finally made it downtown yesterday to have lunch at the Hard Rock Cafe and to do some shopping in an area known as "Siam Square".
There are tons of these tuk tuk taxis (photo below) on the streets of Bangkok.  While the Embassy strongly discourages us from riding in them as they are very dangerous, it always looks like it would be a fun experience.  Some of the tuk tuk taxies are very colourful and fancy and I have even seen a few here in Nichada being used instead of golf carts. 
We are expecting our HHE to be delivered any day now.  Yippee!  There was some email traffic this morning and I saw that we are to be given the next available delivery date.  I am so excited but know that it could be a few more days before anything happens.  I spent some time today getting the house organized and sent two beds and five large area rugs back to the Embassy warehouse so we have room for our stuff.  I am also working on getting my school assignments finished for the next week or so.  I do not want to worry about homework when I would much rather be unpacking and organizing.  I cannot wait for the day when I can post that we have received our delivery! 

I have a very interesting topic to write about and hope that I can fit it in tomorrow for you.  I am going to a "Welcome Wai" tea for new ISB families in the morning and I also have my first essay due for class.  The essay is finished and I just need to submit it to my professor so, if that goes well and I can drink my tea quickly, there will be an interesting post.  If not, then look for it on Wednesday. 

Have a great Monday!

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