Saturday, September 17, 2011

End of the Week

Thursday and Friday of this week were "Teacher Work Days" (not sure why they are called that as it implies teachers are not working any of the other days) so the kids were off from school.  Caitlynne went with a friend downtown on Thursday to go to an aquarium and have lunch.  I stayed with Christopher so he could go to a friend's birthday party in the afternoon.  Friday was low-key as Caitlynne had a basketball game at 7.30 pm and I didn't want to tire her out.  We went to the mall for lunch and to look around for the afternoon. 

My new Thai words this week were left, right, go ahead and stop.  I am hoping these words will replace the hand signals I am currently using with the taxi drivers.  Left is "sai" (pronounced "si", similar to "yes" in Spanish).  Right is "kwa".  Go ahead is "trong pbai" and stop is "tee nee". 

Our dinner Thursday night...
Calamari with a spicy chili vinaigrette - garnished with mint leaves & slices of sweet red peppers.
PeePorn also made curried chicken and rice dish with celery, almonds, and yellow and orange peppers.  It was so delicious!  The dressing on the rice reminded us of the mustard curry dressing served at Chicken Kitchen, one of our favorite take aways in Miami.
Have a great Friday night everyone!

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