Saturday, September 10, 2011

I Jinxed Myself

Last night, I decided to not go to Christopher's basketball game.  The team was going out to dinner after the game finished (probably about 8 pm) and I wanted to go to bed early.  It was been a long week - these 4.30 am weekday wake-ups are killing me.  Since Kevin would be driving the golf cart to the restaurant, I would have to walk home from the game and, while it is only a mile, it tends to storm pretty horribly here in the evening and I didn't want to get stuck in that.  So, I stayed home and had a quiet evening with a glass of wine and the newest issue of Cooking Light.  It did start to rain quite heavily about 7 pm and, as I listened to the rain, I thought to myself how lucky I was that, since our arrival, it has never rained in the mornings and I have been able to get in all of my runs.  Well, guess what I heard when I woke up at 5.30 this morning?  Pouring rain.  Ugh.  I totally jinxed myself last night!  Taking an unscheduled rest day was not an option since I already slacked off earlier this week.  The rain was still coming down after I walked the dogs and had a cup of coffee, so I got dressed and hit the road.  I was a soaking mess by the time I finished but 8 miles are in the books!
I was incredibly hungry when I finished and quickly made a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast.  Unfortunately, I just finished eating when I realized that I used water from the tap (and not the bottled water dispenser) to make the oatmeal.  Drinking and using the tap water to cook with is a huge NO-NO here.  While Bangkok has a first class water filtration plant & system, the pipes that carry the water to homes are in such horrible condition that using water from the tap (even to brush your teeth) is very strongly cautioned against.  In fact, the Embassy provides each home with a water dispenser and provides a weekly water delivery service.  I am certainly paying the price for my mistake as my stomach has been a total mess all day.  For reasons that are way too gross for me to think about, the water quality is especially bad after it rains (which it has been since last night).  Another ugh for today. 

Caitlynne before her first NBBL basketball game
 Caitlynne waiting to play (she is at the end of the bench on your left).
Her team won 40-14.  Caitlynne had two great steals, a few rebounds and she took three shots.  She needs a little work on the offense but she is an excellent defensive player!

Below are photos of the list of girls who made the BISAC 13&U Basketball team.  Yes, I looked pretty silly taking photos of this paper on the bulletin board but her being named to the team was a big accomplishment and I know she will be happy to see this posted.
A close up.
Christopher's team lost last night. The Friday night games they play are tough as  they are tired from a long week at school. The difference between our Friday night and Saturday afternoon games is very noticeable. Christopher "kinda sorta" made the boys' BISAC 13&U Basketball team. The coach selected five 7th graders to be the starting team and then five 6th graders to be the second team. Christopher was one of the 6th graders selected so he will practice and go to all of the games and might get to play if needed.  I don't think he was too happy at first but has since warmed to the idea. Two of his close friends were also selected for the 6th grade team so it should be fun. 

Well, once again we did not make it downtown for the Hard Rock Cafe and Mass so I am not sure what our plans are for this evening.  Have a great Saturday!


Jane Mormile said...

Hi. I just caught up with the last three entries and loved the photos. Thank you for sharing and educating me about Thailand! I hope you make it to the Ambassador's house and the Hard Rock Monday and Saturday to come! Miss you much! Jane

Chic Coastal Living said...

This is a great post! You're such a talented writer!